As Told By A Teacher 003

Welcome back to another As Told By A Teacher! If you’re new here, you may not know this but I am actually a first year (since January) teacher! With this new position I have accumulated quite a few stories that you just cannot BELIEVE at times...least I can’t believe these things are happening to me half the time. Well I hope you enjoy my crazy stories below and feel free to look around my blog for many other similar stories from when I was a substitute. 

Pet Possum 

Okay, so this story isn’t actually one from my own, but I just HAVE to share because it happened to another teacher in my school. Basically…one early morning a student of hers came up to her very excited and happy to tell her that on her way home the previous day she had found a baby possum roaming the street and she decided to take it upon herself to take it home… SHE TOOK A POSSUM HOME!!! Now, I’m sure you’re all very intelligent and can just start listing things that could possibly go wrong…like a bite from this animal, a scratch, rabies, ticks, mites, lice, relapsing fever, tuberculosis…MUST I GO ON?! Well, all diseases aside…this student seriously took the baby possum home, took photos with it, posted it on Snapchat and Instagram and allowed this possum to play with her dog…HOW IS THIS OKAY?!?! By the way…this girl was in 8th grade. Animal protection and social services have been called.


One student that picked up money off the ground which apparently was another’s student. Well the student who’s money got picked up probably should have come to me and told me but instead she chases the girl around the room, gives her a wedgie and knocks her down to the ground…when I tell her to please relax and take a seat she tells me “You sound stupid…she took my money.” HOW LOVELY!?!?!?

Punch Buggy

Surely we are all aware of the friendly game punch buggy no punch backs, whenever you see a punch buggy you’re suppose to say that and lightly punch a friend, you know, in a friendly manner. Well, apparently the same nightmare child from above with the wedgie was punching one girl repeatedly very aggressively so I tell her to stop and she goes. “It’s a game! You know..punch buggy….like how do you not know…” I just stared at her blankly….

Well that’s all for now because I have tons of lesson plans to write… I hope you all enjoyed these three short stories. Don’t forget to go and check out all my other posts 🙂




16 thoughts on “As Told By A Teacher 003

  1. Such lovely children…NOT!! I actually feel sorry for that poor baby possum because now that the girl’s scent and possibly the dog’s scent is on this wild creature the mother will never find her baby. At least Wild Life Protection was called in, but still they will probably euthanize the poor creature. 😢

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