Blue Lagoon Island

Hey, everybody! How are you all doing today? We continue our off roading trip, because we’ve moved to the water, into the lovely island of the Bahamas. As mentioned in my last post, I let you know that the Norwegian Sun’s first stop was in Nassau and we explored that inner city but we did have other plans other than just the city.

Day 7 of Road Trip Continued…

My boyfriend and I booked an excursion to Blue Lagoon Island where we planned to attend a sea lion excursion so we got off the cruise ship just to ironically enough, get on another boat to travel to Blue Lagoon. The travel to Blue Lagoon was magical, honestly, I know that may seem a bit cheesy but I love clear blue water and I was surround by it. Not only was I surround by beautiful water, but there were gorgeous islands along the way, stunning tall palm trees, giant mansions both under construction and completed. I was blown away right there by the Bahamas, I thought I had seen all it had to offer until of course I got to the Blue Lagoon Island.



We arrived at the Blue Lagoon and were welcomed by friendly workers, many people already splashing in the water, wild birds flying around, dolphins performing tricks and sea lions making plenty of noise for all to hear. We signed into the sea lion excursion and waited to be told what to expect, what to and not to do and given our life vests. We went into the water with the sea lions and the worker, she gave us fish to feed to the sea lion and explained where we could pet the sea lion. We were also given kisses, high fives and amazed by all the tricks and flips the sea lion could do.



After the sea lion excursion, we proceeded along the boardwalk to watch the dolphin excursion, other dolphins swimming and enjoying life and some getting fed by a worker. After exploring the animal excursion section, we left the area to explore the rest of the island. We walked along the cabanas, the white sandy beach and swam in the crystal blue waters. I couldn’t believe just how clear the water was, we could look down and see the guppies fishing and the broken rock and shells. Overall, we were amazed by everything the Blue Lagoon had to offer.



Although we opted for the Sea Lion Excursion, there were many others available for your entertainment such as:

Segway Safari Tour

The tour offers a round-trip boat ride from Nassau to the Blue Lagoon Island, time on the beach, a bottle of water, rental locker and 5 x 7 professional photo of you on the segway. On the trip itself, you’ll be able to explore unique sites not available to others, animals, and sandy beaches.

Blue Lagoon Beach Day

This excursion includes a grilled lunch, private white sandy beaches, swimming in the calm lagoon, access to the large double hammock and games area, use of floating noodles and inner tubes as well as all day access to their land and water inflatable parks.

VIP Beach Day

Arrive at the island and you get escorted to the private coconut grove which has a lush, natural shady garden. You’ll be greeted at the grove with a mimosa and fresh towel. At all times, you have water, ice tea, lemonade available to you and you’l be served a grilled lunch with fruits, vegetables, and salads. You can stroll along the island, enjoy the inflatable water park or add onto the experience by purchasing excursions as snorkeling, kayaks, water bikes and other water sports.

Eco Nature Walking Tour

Meet some wild life while exploring the beaches and native bush all while learning about the unique history of The Bahamas and Blue Lagoon Island. The guides will explain the island folklore, native foods and plants as well as the diverse marine life and birds

Dolphin Swim

Dolphin Encounter

Sea Lion Encounter 

Sting Ray Encounter

Have you ever been to the gorgeous Bahamas? In crystal clear water? Encountered a Sea Lion? Or on a cruise? Let me know in the comment section below.




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  1. Sea lions are more gregarious than seals. At Sea World in San Diego, the seals and sea lions share two tanks. In one tank, one of the seals had started using the same ‘look at me’ behavior as the sea lions in order to get fed. He was standing on his back flippers and orking his head off in an attempt to be thrown food. The other seals were lolling around in silence wondering who the loudmouth was.

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