As Told By A Teacher

Hey, hey, hey does this title look vaguely familiar but with some sort of twist? It should if you’ve been here for a while! As a substitute, I use to write posts titled As Told By A Substitute all the time now that I am a teacher, I figured I’d change the title up to be more fitting. Well, let’s just jump straight into it because I’ve got quite a few funny and interesting stories. 

Runway Time

It was the end of the period, students were told to work on their Exit Slip which is online on a website. One of my students was having issues logging onto her computer because it was taking really long. Soooooooo, you’d expect a student that is having issues with their computer to just wait it out quietly while other students worked, right? Well no, not what this girl thought. Instead, she got out of her seat, opened her book bag, put on a pair of high heels and started walking around the classroom… Can you believe it? I still can’t.

Sanitizer Fight

Working in a school requires me to use a lot of hand sanitizer to keep the room sterile and the flu far far away from us! Well, students apparently like to use hand sanitizer too, especially at the end of the day before they leave. One day, with three minutes left in the day, I was helping these two girls that don’t speak English, when I look up, a student has his palm filled with hand sanitizer and he throws it at the face of another student…WHY!?!!?! I have no idea…..

Birthday Math

I’m young and it’s evident to the students that I am young and therefore they always want to know my age. I told students my birthday was January 30. One student, being SO eager to know my age thought he could use math to figure it out so this was his logic:

Kid: “Okay, the 30th? So 2018 – 30 that will give me your age, hold on I need a calculator miss.”

*Grabs calculator and does math*

Kid: “Okay so Miss F. you are…..1,988? Uhhh, that can’t be right. Okay no, no, now I have to 2018 – 1988 and I get….30? You’re 30?! “

I burst into laughter and had to sit there and explain to him why his logic was far from being correct. 

Well, I hope that you have laughed at these bizarre stories. Don’t forget to check my links below!




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