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Hello all you beautiful people! I started sharing about my East Coast Road Trip a while back and believe it or not I am still going strong with blog posts about all the awesome places I visited. I hope you’re all caught up on Baltimore, Virginia Beach, Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Savannah and the other posts. If you haven’t, feel free to click those links and get reading!

Thus far I’ve driven all the way to Cocoa Beach, Florida from New Jersey; those of you keeping tabs, that’s approximately 1,100 miles! Woahhhhhhhh! Well this road trip is about to get a little bit further in terms of miles because we are headed off roading! Not the kind you’re thinking with the dirt, grass and hills. What I mean by this kind of off roading is that we are about to get onto the Norwegian Sun cruise ship! YES, in the next following posts I will be talking about my journey with Norwegian Sun and my trip to the Bahama Islands!


First and foremost, I must ask, have you ever traveled via cruise ship? Do you know anyone that has? Well if not, I am going to give you the basic run down of how you go about selecting a cruise and the standard procedure to get onto a cruise ship. Personally, we spent many a nights researching on Expedia for the perfect fit for our particular needs until we finally came across the Norwegian Sun which was departing from Port Canaveral, Florida. The reason this cruise caught our eye was because they had a free drinks package special, SCORE! We were basically sold on that for this particular cruise because let’s be honest, drinks can get quite expensive.


Once you’ve selected and booked your cruise ship it’s time for you to pack and arrive at the terminal. Ever been to an airport? Well, I’ll be honest, a cruise ship terminal isn’t much different. You must go through the whole process of checking in with your passport, getting your bags searched and checked, and finally you have to go through security yourself. The check in process was very smooth, the staff was friendly, ready to answer any questions and eager to assist us. The attendant checked our passports, our cruise tickets and followed by creating key cards for us. The key cards had our names on them and it’s what we used to get on and off the ship, into our bedroom, and if we wanted to get anything billed to our room. After going through security, we were free to leave our luggage to staff, who would later bring it to our room and we could board the cruise ship and get exploring.


We explored nearly every massive floor! This was my very first cruise ship so although I was a bit nervous, I was super excited to see what exactly a cruise ship had to offer. For the record, the Norwegian Sun Cruise ship can hold up to 1,936 guests, is over 848 feet in length, and holds approximately 906 ship crew members. Those are just the numbers of people and length though, the ship itself has tons more to offer such as a pool, dinning options, both buffet style and sit down diners, theaters for tons of entertainment, a gym, art gallery, cafes, bars, casino, stores, spa and so much more! Truthfully, once you’re on the cruise ship it just feels like you’re in a massive hotel…that floats…over water…CRAZY IDEA TO ME. 


Before the cruise departed, we were all summoned to a safety area to learn what to do in case of an emergency. We were all required to attend the 15-20 minute lesson on what to do and where to go incase we ever needed to evacuate the ship. Although obviously it’s necessary to know the rules and regulations of what to do in an emergency, I feel as though it may have been easier for crew to handle the lesson if they had called people floor by floor for a demonstration rather than calling close to 2,000 guests to attend the same lesson. We all had to stand extremely packed together to learn the lesson but once the short lesson was complete, everyone scurried off into their own direction.


I’m not going to go into elaborate detail on what it is we did every single moment we were on the cruise ship itself but I will inform you that cruise ship food is pretty good, no complaints, eating without having to pay feels even better and of course the drinks were great too. For entertainment, we tried to win every single raffle that was available whether it was for a free cruise, art or for jewelry, you name it, we attended the raffle and guess what?! I ACTUALLY WON ONCE! That’s right, this girl right here won an art raffle! We also briefly attended a family friendly comedy show, it wasn’t that funny so we decided to leave. There were several dance parties we attended as well and overall we had a blast. I honestly cannot wait for my next cruise because I absolutely LOVED it.

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Have you ever been on a cruise ship before? Have any other questions about cruising you’d like me to answer? Ask below!




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