Cayuga Lake

Hello there everyone, how are you?! Today I am here to share my experience and photos from a trip that my boyfriend and I took back at the end of February to Cayuga Lake. Cayuga Lake is the longest central New York glacial lake in the Finger Lakes; it’s just under 40 miles long. Cayuga Lake is popularly known for it’s wineries, as is the Finger Lakes in general. 


First things firsts, where did we stay? We stayed in Ithaca which is at the tip of Cayuga Lake and also known for it’s college Ithaca College as well as popular Ivy League school Cornell University. I really enjoyed the vibe of Ithaca because they had a nice Downtown area with plenty of places to eat a variety of food as well as place to grab some drinks. We stayed at Hotel Ithaca which was clean, comfortable, and had 24 hour coffee, tea and water for the guests in the lobby. 


The Hikes: 

We looked up a couple of hikes, one being Cascadilla Gorge Trail however sadly once we got there it was closed for the winter due to icy conditions. Unfortunately, up state New York does tend to have cold winters and therefore trails being closed off due to dangerous circumstances was quite common. One of the best hikes we did was Taughannock Falls State Park which was recommended to us by the locals that raved about the falls beauty and they surely weren’t wrong. You can view the falls from up above and slowly make your way down to get up close and personal with the falls itself which is absolutely breath taking and I’m not just saying that because it was ridiculously cold when we went and got close to the water. I know we went on one or two ore hikes but unfortunately I cannot remember the names of them but of course I have tons of photos to share from the adventure. 


The Food:

As I’ve mentioned, Ithaca had plenty to eat and explore in their downtown area. One of the place we ate was Waffle Frolic which was a spot where you can create your own waffles anyway you want by adding as many or as little toppings to the waffles as you wanted. I played it simple and got a waffle with chocolate drizzled on top and maple syrup with cappuccino as my drink of choice. Another place that we went for breakfast was Cafe Dewitt which was located at the bottom of a former high school building. Cafe Dewitt is a three time “Best Of Ithaca” brunch, breakfast and omelets. One of the best places we ate was Viva Taqueria, it had delicious Mexican food and was widely popular with locals. One of the cutest places we visited that was actually outside of the Ithaca Commons was Chatty Cathy Cafe which had a large variety of drinks and absolutely tasty fruit smoothies!


The Wineries:

Can you really go to a place well known for it’s wine and not go to wine tastings? I think not! We went to several wine tastings in the area that were on absolutely beautiful estates overlooking the gorgeous clear waters of Cayuga Lake. I’m not going to go into details on the wineries or their locals but I will name some of the ones that we went to in case any of you are ever in the area or are planning a trip to Cayuga Lake. Some of the wineries we traveled to were: Americana Vineyards, Buttonwood Grove, Goose Watch, and Lucas. Overall, there were many amazing wineries with delightful people that were ready to share how their wine was made and what types of grapes it was made from. 


Well that is all I have to share for now. Let me know in the comment section if you’ve been to any of the Finger Lakes or if you’re currently interested in going to one of them after seeing this post!





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