As Told By A Substitute 011


This could be partially due to the fact that I am currently doing an internship and not being a substitute…but I still can share you my internship stories with you and just keep labeling these posts “As Told By A Substitute.” If you’ve been here for a while than you’ll know that this series is highly requested and filled with laughs for many people. This series is where I share all the crazy things that happen in the life of a substitute!

No Sleep

Recently I had a student look up at me and go “Ms. F, I never fall asleep in your class.” Immediately, I took this as a positive and said “Oh, so you’re not bored right, you’re having fun, that’s great that you’re not falling asleep!” To which he replies, “No, you just give too much work.” #played #heratherbesleeping #Ms.Fgivestoomuchwork

Complains Like No Other

I have a student who complains, I mean complains about everything possibly. He complains about taking notes, complains about homework, complains about quizzes, test scores, complains that we don’t do enough activities but when we have activities he barely does them. I mean this kid does nothing more than complain. As if complaining wasn’t enough, he also takes down awful notes, if he takes down notes at all. Want to know what the icing on the cake is? He has the nerve to write on tests “Did you teach this?” and “Did you go over this?” whenever he doesn’t know how to do a problem…and yes, I did teach it, yes I did go over this and you’d know that if you were taking down notes and listening in class.

“It said I Was Wrong and I Wasn’t Wrong”

This statement right here has been said so much recently since we started using an online math program for homework. Students can now do their homework online and the computer will tell them if they gave the right answer as well as provide help if they are struggling. Well, students SWEAR that the computer marks their answers wrong even when they put in the right answer. Here is a conversation:

Scenario One:

Student: “The program was acting up, it said I was wrong and I wasn’t even wrong…”
Me: “Well, what was the answer you got.”
Student: “2/6″
Me: “What did you put?”
Student: “ 2/6….because that’s what I got and the computer said it was wrong”
Me: “Well, can’t 2/6 be reduce to 1/3?”
Student: “Yeah but like the computer should know that 1/3 is the same thing as 2/6 so I still got the right answer.”
Me: “Apparently not because we always reduce our answers don’t we?”
Student: “Yeah but like the computer should know…I wasn’t wrong…”
Me: “Okay, whatever you say.”

Scenario Two:

Student: “The computer keeps marking my answers wrong, I put 1 and it marked it wrong just because I didn’t put a negative!”
Me: “Well, yeah, if you forget a negative than it’s wrong if the answer is meant to have a negative.”
Student: “but still…it’s just a negative…”
Me: “Would you rather have -100 dollars in your bank account or 100 dollars in your bank account?”
Student: “$100 in my bank account.”
Me: “Why’s that?”
Student: “Because -100 means I’m in debt and 100 means I have 100 dollars!”
Me: “Do you see now how a negative can make a huge difference?”
Student: “Yeah…I get it, I get it.”




26 thoughts on “As Told By A Substitute 011

  1. Oh my goodness, the computer thing! All of the time! Yes, the computer will count you wrong if you spell it wrong. It’s a pre-programmed thing, it cannot make judgment calls like I can. Yes, if you don’t put the accent mark, it’s wrong – that changes the meaning entirely. Yes, you have to answer the question in Spanish – this is SPANISH CLASS.

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