Evening Beach Stroll

It may be pretty clear that I have a slight beach obsession, I truly love it. To me, the beach is so calming and relaxing and perfect for a day time trip, an evening trip or a night trip. In this particular case I want to have a little chat about my evening beach stroll along the Miami coast. My boyfriend and I went back to our hotel after a whole day at the beach showered up and got ready only to go back onto the beach basically.

In South Beach Miami alongside the gorgeous sand and ocean there is a paved walkway where tons of people go for strolls; being the curious people we are, my boyfriend and I decided to take an evening walk after dinner along the path. As we walked we admired the gorgeous hotels, pools, palm trees, and tons of flowers and plants. We continued to walk and the sunset right before our eyes while we trotted along the pathway and enjoyed a bit of fresh air. Of course, if I’m out and about in such a gorgeous place I must take some snaps and therefore I’ll be sharing them with you all. Enjoy!




30 thoughts on “Evening Beach Stroll

  1. So,you have only this to do in your life.
    Is there really a kind of happiness in doing such things?
    if you think so..then ma`am i should say that you are living under big illusion.


      1. that`s good..but there is a lot to do such things which make you feel aim of your life for which you are here on earth.anyway everyone is entitled with their own opinion.so your opinion,your life….have beautiful evening


  2. I’m off to stay down by a beach tomorrow and you’ve made me all excited!! 😂 I hope I get to go on an evening walk after dinner down by there (not sure how close the hotel will actually be to the beach so hope is close enough for that 😂). Your photos are so beautiful and summery. The one with the sandy path down to the beach reminds me of Ireland. Hope you’re having a lovely day! 💗

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    1. Thank you so much for that absolutely lovely comment! I hope you have an amazing time yourself at the beach and I hope that your hotel is close enough so that you are able to take an evening stroll! Thank you so much for dropping by and have a lovely day gorgeous! x

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  3. Have a great week this week. I guess some of us kick a few goals because we turn up to the right game and play in the forward line… to show our goal kicking ability. Do I want to be right or do I want to be happy.
    Bless you Bea. I like the beach too 😄😇

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