The Smile Tag

Hey there gorgeous, how are you doing today? Let me know in the comment section below. 

The stunning, gorgeous and amazing blue eyed beauty Jamie from Don’t Give a Jam has nominated me for my very first Smile Tag. Thank you Jamie so so very much for tagging me in this tag, you are wonderful!

What is the Smile Tag? Have you never heard of it? Have you been living under a rock? More importantly…ARE YOU NOT FOLLOWING MY BEST FRIEND CIARRALORREN?! How dare you commit such a sin…go on over to her blog right this second and click that follow button on her blog because she deserves endless followers and you are seriously missing out…I mean, look at this, you just missed out on the very first tag she’s ever created. That is right, my stunning best friend, Ciarra, has created her very own tag titled The Smile Tag.

Here’s How It Works

Ciarralorren, creator of The SMILE Tag, wants to see your smiles! If you are nominated for this tag (which I hope all of you are), then simply post a photo of yourself smiling! There really are no rules for this tag. You can post as many pictures with as many people as you’d like solely under the condition that you are smiling in the photo or looking back at the photo makes you smile! It’s really quite simply. If you’d like, also share the story or stories behind the photos you post to let your followers gain more of an insight of who you are and what makes you happy. Or don’t! It’s really up to you! !Truthfully, it doesn’t matter how you interpret this tag, so long as you spread joy and happiness around the Internet and in doing so within your own life. Let’s all be happy and share our smiles!

Just keep the tagging along and TOGETHER, let’s create a mass movement of happiness! So start posting and tagging people now! Go, go, go!!”


What Makes Me Smile:

My friends, taking photos whether that be of my best friend, my dog or of nature, travel and of course, food.


I think this is such a splendid and amazing idea that I want to see EVERYONE do it and therefore I am nominating everyone. Please be sure to tag me in the post so that I can see your amazing smiles; also, please do not forget to mention the fantastic Ciarra who is responsible for spreading smiles everywhere.




80 thoughts on “The Smile Tag

  1. Agh such beautiful, gorgeous and STUNNING photos Bea! The smile tag is so so amazingg, and oh my gosh this makes me want to steal your dog so bad!! 😉❤️❤️ Smiley hugs, Tabi xx

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  2. Hah I got so spooked with the How Dare You that I went and followed Ciarra’s blog straight away. Now for browsing it, but the tag is a great one, and you have a lovely smile, Bea. Those photos are all beautiful. Including the little furry friend smiling with you 😉

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    1. Hahaha, I’m so glad you got spooked a bit and decided to follow her, she really is super amazing! As for the compliments, thank you so much, you are the sweetest! I hope you give this tag a go! x

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  3. Smile 🙂 as soon as I saw this post I certainly did. Such beautiful photos with glowing smiles. Yes I went over to your friend Ciarra’s blog immediately and checked it out and went yes amazing, so am now following her also. I may just do this one . xx

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    1. Yay! I’m so glad you smiled at this and I’m definitely happy that you decided to go over to her blog and follow her because she is so amazing. I really do hope that you try out this post, don’t forget to tag me so I can check it out!

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  4. Such pretty and genuine smiles all around, even your little pup seems to be smiling! This tag is so heartwarming, have to do it some day 😁

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  5. What a gorgeous smile you have Bea, all those pictures have lots of happiness vibes ☺️ It’s really a sweet and beautiful tag, smiling is important ! Even though I don’t really like my own smile 😅

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  6. WOW! Your site is amazing, and I’m just getting started. Besides the incredible content that you provide, what WP Theme are you using? Do you mind if I ask? It’s just so sumptuous!!!! Thanks, and keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!

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