May Challenge

So as most of you know, or I think you know, I did an April Challenge where I posted everyday in April. Well, it seemed like many of you were enjoying my posts everyday and therefore I decided to do it again for the month of May! I will posting up many awards that I have been getting recently along with plenty of reviews, that’s right, I want to start reviewing more products and sharing my opinion on them so you should keep your eyes open for that! I will also be continuing my Monday Motivation posts as always, some Quotes To Live by posts and of course my latest series which is my Get To Know series. As I said in April, somedays you may get lucky with more than one post so look out for those extra special days! I hope you are all as excited as I am about posting everyday and I hope you look forward to my posts.




31 thoughts on “May Challenge

    1. You can always try of the month of June and just start planning and scheduling it now. Typically when I know I’m going to do a challenge, I plan it ahead so that I’m never too overwhelmed. Thanks for coming by.

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  1. Hi! I have a quick question about the “Get to Know You” series. How did you start it up? Did you begin by interviewing bloggers ? Any tips on how to start it?

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    1. Helllloooo! I started up the post by having an idea one day that I wanted to get to know my readers more and spread their blogs. Afterwards I started reaching out to my readers by emailing them and asking them if they would be interested. If they were interested I would send hem a series of questions based off of their blog. My tip is to just go out there and get started if it’s something you’re interested in doing.

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  2. Posting daily is a commitment. I had someone tell me when I first started blogging months ago that everyday is too much. I’ve pretty much been doing so and I am happy to reach someone that I didn’t the day before. The sharing means so much.

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    1. Some people will say it’s too much but at the end of the day, it’s your blog you do as you please and you write what you want! As long as you are happy with your content and your blog that is really al that matters. Keep up the great work and best of luck on your blogging journey!


      1. The most important part is that you get something positive out of it, which it seems you do. So it’s great!

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