Look Good, Feel Good

Having trouble staying motivated to workout each day? Or maybe you keep making up a million and one excuses about why you shouldn’t workout…whether you’re in the first or second category I have an easy fix that may just help you get a bit more encouraged to workout and that trick is fun, bright or comfy workout clothes. I know that seems silly, right? How can clothes possibly make me want to workout more? Well it does! You know the saying “look good, feel good” it’s basically the same thing. If you have clothes that you feel happy and comfortable in you’re more prone to want to actually wear them and workout. Go out and buy those funky colored pants that you thought you’d never imagine yourself in. Get that bright fluorescent sports bra you wouldn’t dare to wear before starting to workout. Get comfy clothes that make you feel good so that you’re more likely to want to workout in them.


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