Killer Abs

The other day I was in the mood to workout my abs however I didn’t have a set workout plan in mind. Since I wasn’t sure what exactly to do, I turned to my all time favorite YouTube for a workout video. I typed in “ab workout” yes, that simple and of course thousands of videos popped up. I decided to choose a workout that was 35 minutes long. This workout was considered to be “level 1” of a six week program and oh my goodness was it tough but great! What I enjoyed about this video is it not only had the main instructor but it also had two other ladies who showed how to do the workout if you found it either too easy or too difficult. Essentially, the workout video has one person doing an easier variation of the movements, one person doing the regular workout and one person doing a much harder version of the workout. By the end of this workout I was not only sweating but I was exhausted! If you want to get those abs, check out the workout here! Good luck!

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