Stay With It

Do you find yourself in and out of a workout routine? Sometimes you’re really into the idea of being fit and other times you’re just feeling like a the couch potato lifestyle is more for you? This could be because you’ve either rushed too into the whole fitness life or you’re not seeing the results you want so you give up. Below are a few steps to keep you going and to make you want to stay with your workout.

  1. Drink Water
    As silly as it may seem I believe that some people don’t keep up with their workout because after working out they feel incredibly drained and fatigue. One way to avoid this is by drinking plenty of water after a workout as well as drinking lots of water throughout the day so your body is constantly hydrated.Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 5.27.30 PM.png
  2. Print a Calendar
    I found that my workouts use to be very sporadic. I would have a week where I was on top of myself; I’d workout out everyday then the next two weeks I would do nothing. I found a way to keep track of my workouts and keep me on a tighter schedule by printing out calendars. I print out a calendar each month and everyday I do a workout I write what I did and how long I did it for. At the end of the month I count up the number of days I missed my workouts and the following month I try to keep the number of days of no workouts lower then the previous month.
  3. Don’t Push Too Hard
    A mistake that I myself use to make is push myself constantly, each and everyday. Although this may seem like a good idea I felt as though I was more tired, sore and much less motivated to workout because I felt so fatigue. I decided that a couple of days a week (2-3) I would go hard; I would push myself to the limit by either running a 5K or simply doing intense HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts and then on the days I’m not going to the limit I do more relaxing workouts like going on a 30 minute walk in the park or doing some yoga.
  4. Pick the Outfit
    Before going to work or school or maybe even before going to bed, pick out the workout outfit you plan on wearing for your workout. Place that outfit on your drawer so that when you wake up or get home BOOM it’s right in your face. You have no excuse, your outfit is already picked out and staring right at you. Put those clothes on and get to work!


I hope theses tips will help you stay with your daily fitness routine! Good luck and leave any comments if you have any other suggestions or if you tried these and they worked.


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