Maid Of The Mist

Welcome, welcome, welcome, I’m back again with another one of my travel posts! Although this trip was taken back in July, I’m only getting around to sharing it now because I didn’t want to bombard you right away with a bunch of the same type of posts. As most of you know, my boyfriend and I visited Niagara Falls, both the America and the Canada side. Today, I want to focus on the America side because while we were there we walked through the massive garden enjoying the glorious flowers and views of the water but we also did something called the Maid Of The Mist!

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The Maid Of The Mist is a boat ride that takes you right up to the falls itself. The tour generally takes 20 minutes, departing every 15 minutes. When we went, there wasn’t too much of a wait and considering the boats are big and fit many people, it goes by pretty quickly. Prior to getting on the boat, you have a stunning view of the falls, Canada and other scenic views. As you walk towards the boat you are given blue hooded ponchos. Be warned that although you have a poncho, due to wind and mist you may still get wet. The ride begins with a huge blow horn that was very terrifying because it wasn’t expected. We are taken along the first set of falls where you get relatively close, but no close enough to feel any real water drip down on you. After the first set of falls you’re taken to the horseshoes falls part of Niagara Falls where the boat practically sits under the falls itself. The waves get bigger, the boat rocks, the mist and water in the air is like no other! It’s truly incredible to just be that close to the falls as water drops feet per second at a rapid pace. 

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After the boat tour you’re able to walk a flight of steps to get a closer look of the falls and surrounding rocks. To get back up to the main level you must take an elevator up which the lines were super long for. Overall, we had a very exciting time experiencing the falls up close and personal! 

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31 thoughts on “Maid Of The Mist

    1. Cheila, I definitely miss my vacation, I miss my summer of traveling so much! I miss you too actually because I haven’t been on my blog a lot lately! Thank you so much for dropping by, have a great day!


  1. Thanks for sharing this experience! It’s on my wish list to visit for such a long time already and after reading this post, it’s definitely higher on the list 🙂 Also, you should share more of these kinds of trip experiences.. They are super!!!

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