Busy Bea

See what I did there in that title? Get it…it’s like busy bee but I’m Bea so I put Busy Bea?! Yeah, you get it? Not funny? Okay well moving on. 

I’m busy…that is true and that is why I am taking DAYS to reply to your comments and keep up with all of your amazing blogs. As most of you know, I am currently doing my internship as a full time teacher, teaching for free. Oh how I wish this was a paid internship. Anyway, I’ll be totally honest with you I have bitten more off than I can chew and some days I feel like I am drowning in work and assignments and tasks and this and that! I will get through it, some days are easier than others and some days are just tough…very tough. 

Although I am so busy, I did preschedule a few posts, but I’m sure you noticed that I am not posting everyday as I was before. In fact, for this month I am only posting Monday, Wednesday and Friday with the exception of this post right here. Based off of my busy schedule, I am thinking that in November I will also only be posting 3 times a week. I hope that I will be able to get ahead of the game and be able to do Blogmas where I can post everyday again.

To the people waiting for me to answer their emails: I WILL GET TO IT – I PROMISE. Be patient please and be understanding that although I love this blog and wish it was my only job, I do have other things I must get done.

On another note, let’s catch up…what have you all been up to?!




38 thoughts on “Busy Bea

  1. I laughed at your title 😂 it’s cute. Good luck with your internship, I like these motivational posts, keeps me going with what I want to do as well 😭💋❤

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  2. I hope the teaching goes well! I have a few friends and family who are teachers and I have heard it’s a tough job at times. But God bless you for doing it!

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  3. Busy Bea! I love that 🙂
    I didn’t know this wasn’t a paid internship! At least you do get valuable experience from this teaching, that’s something that will definitely help in the long run. Keep buzzing along Bea! You’ll get through it 🙂

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  4. What am I up to? Oh, about 5′ 16″.

    Seriously: Work 5 days a week, play hockey on Sunday nights, play D&D with one group after work on Thursdays, play D&D with the other group every other Saturday, spend the remaining evenings relaxing with my wife and our four pets (3 dachshunds and 1 cat.)

    Between all that, spend time working on MY blog, reading other peoples’ blogs, and preparing for the D&D sessions, since I’m the Dungeon Master for both groups.


  5. Yess I can relate! I work three jobs plus im a student and my assignments are all due next week but i have 3 days of 12hour shifts.

    I had to take off a few days the last couple of days as you can start feeling your body warning you. I went to a rainforest local to me (will post about soon). It was a deserved day off.

    Hope you are happy and healthy 🌻🤗☉😄

    And great title 👍


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