Blogging Advice 010

Hello everyone and welcome back to another advice post where I share my little knowledge on blogging with you all and constantly remind you that I am not a blogging expert! Although not an expert, I have had people ask me for some tips and tricks and therefore I decided to start up this series, as you can tell by the number in the title, I apparently have a lot to share. I’m hoping that by sharing these little tidbits of advice I can help at least one person.

Do Not Spam

 Recently I have been getting a lot of spam on my blog in the comment section and I’m not talking about the kind of spam that WordPress knows is spam and just sticks in the spam comment section folder, I’m talking about the kind of spam where people just come on my blog, don’t even comment on the blog post I have written, but instead just share their link and tell me to check out their page. Now, normally I have no issue with checking someone’s page out if they ask me nicely however, if I feel like you’ve literally just popped onto my blog to advertise yourself, it really doesn’t make me want to even go onto your blog. So a note to the spammers out there, do not just go on someone’s blog and drop your link in the comment section. Instead, if you want to spread your blog and your name, actually interact with other bloggers and this way it doesn’t seem like you are just using them to benefit yourself but you’re actually commenting to share what you’ve liked and show appreciation for the person who has written the post.

Get Ideas From Audience 

There is nothing wrong with running out of ideas for your blog; after all, we are humans and therefore if we run out of a ideas or feel like we are in a blog slump, it’s totally normal. One way to not only get ideas for your blog but also to interact with your readers is to just ask them what they want to see. I recently asked my viewers what they wanted to see and I had a couple of people mention: outfits, traveling posts, photography, tips and advice and more of my own personal life and therefore knowing that people ACTUALLY want to see these things just motivated me some more to want to sit down and get typing about stuff I already wanted to share but wasn’t sure people would actually be interested in.

Write For Yourself

Okay, so this one may seem a little contradicting considering what I just mentioned above but the truth is you should always write for yourself. If there is a post suggestion that you don’t feel comfortable doing than simply do not do it. Ultimately, your blog is your space so share what you want and keep private what you don’t want to share. Remember, because this is your space in the world it means you can do what you want with it and part if that is being yourself and writing for yourself. Never feel pressured to follow the crowd and write about what everyone else is writing about if you do not feel passionate on the topic. This is your space, do with it what you want and enjoy the fact that you have this little part of the world.


Thank you all for stopping by today and reading this post. Have any other pieces of advice? Share them in the comment section below. Is it your first time to a Blogging Advice post? Make sure you check out all my others because I have plenty more!



129 thoughts on “Blogging Advice 010

  1. Thanks for saying write for yourself! It’s such a freeing statement! I often get so caught up on what I should write, and what others want to read that I don’t post.

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  2. Great post! Thank you for sharing! 🙂 It’s helpful to a new blogger like me, and I appreciate advice wherever I can get it, and I totally agree with the “Do Not Spam” piece.

    I always try to remember “Write For Yourself.” I think it’s one of the best pieces of advice out there. It’s so easy to get caught up in the little things – views, likes and follower counts – but the thing that really counts is the enjoyment bloggers get from writing about what they love. That little stuff will come with time.
    (Sorry, bit of a rant, haha.) 😀

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