August Photos

For me, August was the month of travels. In fact, this summer was the season of travels because I went to Lake Placid, Florida, Canada and Tennessee. I am so happy and so fortunate that I was able to go to all these places in such a short amount of time. Nothing makes me happier than traveling around, exploring and seeing new places I’ve never been to. I am truly grateful, incredibly happy and beyond fortunate to have been able to go to all these places recently.  

If you’ve been with me since January, you know that one of my resolutions for this year was to work on my photography. I have been sharing monthly photos with you all since January and this month is no different. Let’s see what I have been up to:



BeFunky Collage8BeFunky Collage6BeFunky Collage5BeFunky Collage2BeFunky Collage54dv.jpg

Nashville, Tennessee


BeFunky Collage.jpg

BeFunky Collagvde.jpg









48 thoughts on “August Photos

  1. Ah Bea, stunning photos. You’re such a talented person. The first one in January with Riley in the snow is so amazing. I’d print it as a poster and decorate a wall. Have a nice weekend. Sonja

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    1. I did, I did, I promise I did but I am flooded with work at the moment and I haven’t been doing much with my blog other than answering comments and posts have been going up automatically that I have scheduled ages ago. Please be patient, I did get it and I saw it! Thank you so much and have a lovely day! x

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