Get To Know: Riley

If you know my blog than you’ll know that this is a series that I’ve been doing for months. I started the Get To Know series because I wanted to get to know my fellow followers more and I wanted to spread other bloggers around. Today’s Get To Know post is slightly different…

The stunning Angela from Life of Angela recently asked me if I could share more of my dog, Riley; of course, I couldn’t resist this request because I am absolutely obsessed with my dog.

The Basics:

Name: Riley
Nickname(s): Ry, Bubba, Poophead, Furball, Bubs…anything my mom really feels like calling me
Date of Birth: April 2, 2013
Breed: Pomeranian
Nationality: German… (Pomeranians originated in Germany & Poland)
Occupation: Sleeping, swimming, playing with toys and making mamma happy

Fun Facts:

  1. On my first day home I fell into the pool because as my mom, Bea, was vacuuming the pool I had to be by her legs and I accidentally fell in.
  2. I tried to eat a bee once…it stung my mouth…
  3. I love to chase toys into the pool and swim all around.
  4. When mom isn’t looking, I like to go through the garbage.
  5. I absolutely love toys, I had many toys but I want more and more because I love toys so much.
  6. Treats are amazing.
  7. I can do a few tricks such as sit, stay, lay down, high five and paw however sometimes I get so excited for a treat so I do all the tricks at once without mom even asking me to do them.
  8. I’ve gone on a few hikes even though mom has had to carry me for some of them.
  9. I have long furry hair but in the summer I have to get my hair cut or I’ll be too hot.
  10. I love to sleep on moms bed with her.
  11. If we are on the sofa, I have to sit on my mom, unless I’m too hot then I sit by myself.
  12. I only pay attention to my grandparents (Bea’s mom and dad) whenever mom isn’t home, otherwise I’m only with mom.
  13. Mom is my favorite.
  14. I like to follow mom around everywhere.
  15. When mom is trying to relax, if I want to play than I scratch her and I jump on her for attention.
  16. I may just be a dog but I can almost tell time because everyday at 4pm I start begging for my dinner.
  17. Sometimes I trick mom into thinking I have to use the potty but really I just want to go out and swim.
  18. I’m not scared of thunder, in fact, I like to sit outside and watch storms.
  19. I like to grab bugs in my mouth and then drop them…then pick them up…then drop them again…
  20. I ate a lot of mom’s sandals when I was a puppy.


Fun With Mom:


Snow Time:


Sleeping Time:


Toys, Toys, Toys:


Random Fun:





68 thoughts on “Get To Know: Riley

  1. Good on Riley for enjoying swimming so much. My dog is terrified of water and I thought all small dogs were. Turns out mine is just a coward!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Bea, you’re so lucky to have such a wonderful friend. Dogs know a lot about unconditional love. Riley is so adorable but he looks to have a very cool personality. Love the photos. Wish I could have a cuddle x

    Liked by 1 person

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