June Favorites

June has come and June has gone which means two things…summer is officially here and I am no longer subbing throughout the day which could possibly mean more posts?! Who knows! Since the end of June has approached of course I have to share my June favorites with you all!


I have been obsessed with watermelon lately which isn’t a huge surprise for me because every summer I get obsessed with this delicious fruit!


Just keep swimming, just keep swimming! I am honestly a fish in the summer, I love to swim around in the pool, play volleyball in the pool or simply float around on a pool toy. The month of June consisted of many swims and I can only imagine that I have much more swimming to do in the upcoming months.


After 5 years of not getting on a plane I finally got on one and traveled to Miami, Florida! I had loads of fun while I was there, still wishing I was there in fact, and I have many posts I want to share with you all!

Big Brother

Big Brother just started on June 28th and I am already obsessed with this season! If you don’t know what Big Brother is you’re really missing out!!!! Big Brother is a show where a few people are placed in a house without any connection to the outside world; in this house the people compete against each other in competitions to become HOH (Head of Household), Power of Veto and other competitions! The last person standing wins $500,000!!! I really love all of the competitions and watching drama unfold between the house guests!


As I mentioned, I went on vacation and sunblock was my very best friend. In fact, my boyfriend and I finished a whole can of sunblock within 2 days of being in Miami and we had to go get more. Remember, while out in the sun it’s very important to protect your skin! 


What were your June favorites?! Let me know in the comment section below!





46 thoughts on “June Favorites

    1. Work starts back in September however since I’ve finally passed that dreaded praxis I will be doing student teaching which is where I have my own classroom with a real teacher and I have to teach on my own (without pay) from September – December! After I’m done with that I am officially done with college, thank goodness!!!

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      1. Are you excited or nervous for your next step? Working without pay takes a little bit of the fun out of the whole experience lol time is money and you’re giving them your time for free. You still have almost 2 months of vacation, any international trips planned? I hope you have an amazing Summer ❀

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      2. Uhmmm, both kind of, I just know it’s going to be so much work and there really isn’t a physical reward such as money at the end but at least the whole thing will be done! I can’t wait to be done with university, I’m over that stage of my life and I am so eager to move on from that. As for trips, my boyfriend and I really wanted to go over to Canada to see the Niagara Falls and we were also thinking Punta Cana however I had a very bad panic attack coming home on the airplane so I’m not so sure I’m ready for another flight.

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      3. I do normally have it however I’m in control and I have very very very few really bad days however after that experience on the airplane I never felt worse. I mean I’ve had the worst anxiety I’ve ever had in my life, so much so I had to go to the doctor however right now I’m feeling a bit better! I just did some yoga and meditating and I think it helped. I can’t say I’m 100% but I’m definitely the best I’ve been all week and I’m definitely better than I was earlier today.

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      4. Yoga helps me and the other thing that really helps is a massage (you relax) or being with your mom. Sounds silly, but it’s true. Being near your mom will make you feel calm and safe

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  1. Love this! I agree Sunscreen, swimming and watermelon are definitely some of my favorites this time of year! My 30th birthday came and went in the month of June so that’s probably a big favorite for me!! xoxo

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    1. I love the nonstick sunscreens too, I’ve been loving the spray ones because they’re so simple and easy they also take up a lot less time to put on! Thank you for coming by and leaving a comment, have a great day ! x


  2. I too haven’t been on a plane for a long time. I haven’t been on a plane in 8 years! Thankfully, I’m going on a plane this summer. I also love watermelon, so photogenic! And I will definitely check out Big Brother!

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  3. We’re mid winter here in New Zealand, Bea, so not much sunscreen going on. But I would have to say that my favourite thing for June – and July – would have to be my winter boots and comfort cooking. Love, love, love!

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    1. Ahhh, it fascinates me how different places around the world are experiencing different seasons. I could imagine that winter boots and comfort cooking are definitely a huge must! Have a lovely day! x

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