Get To Know: Marioness

As you all know, or hopefully know, I’ve started a new series on my blog where I get to know my readers a bit more. I’m hoping that by doing this very casual interview with my readers I will not only get to know them a bit more but I will also be able to spread their blog around for others to see.
Today’s interview is done with Marioness who runs a lifestyle blog where she posts anything from DIY, to food,  to culture, and beauty! Marioness is very active in the blogging community and she did a spectacular job with all of her blogmas posts this past December. So, if you aren’t yet convinced that you need to go and check out Marioness‘ blog, let’s do some more convincing by checking out her interview.

The Basics:

Name: Marioness or Mariona
Nationality: Catalan! For those of you who don’t know where it is, don’t worry, it’s a common thing. But I’m sure that if I talk about Barcelona, many of you know where it is. So there is where I’m from. Now you get the idea I think! It’s a region of Spain.
Country Currently Living In: Catalonia or Spain, what you prefer.

Let’s Get A Little Personal:


Favorite type of blog post to write?
I have to say fashion ones, I love all the things that involve writing one. Thinking of the outfits, the photos, searching for the clothes online… I just really enjoy it! But I generally love to write about the things I like on my blog so that includes a huge variety of posts.
Favorite item of clothing?
Mmmmm… I don’t know, I really like fashion and with its many different types of clothes! But one thing I love now that Summer is arriving is cool T-shirts with a nice print or phrase.
Favorite quote?
“Sparkle the world with your own ideas!”
Favorite meal?
Definitely, rice. All types of rice! With tomato, “paella”, “risotto”…
Favorite post you’ve written? 
Wow! That’s difficult to choose… But I will choose one from the recent ones: Spring Essentials.

This or That:

Fruity scents or warm cozy scents? 
Fruity Scents! Because I love fresh smells.
Yoga or intense workouts?
Intense workouts. It’s hard for me to do yoga, although I have tried it sometimes.
Baking or cooking?
Baking, of course! I don’t cook a lot, but if I have to choose baking, because the things you get from it are usually more delicious!
TV shows or long films?
TV shows, although I also like to watch a good film.
Movies or books?  
It’s hard to go for one, but I’m a huge book lover so books.

Would you rather:

Would you rather always be 10 minutes late or always 20 minutes early?
Always 20 minutes early. I don’t like to wait for somebody when we have decided to meet in an exact hour, so I wouldn’t like if people had to always wait for me.
Would you rather never be able to use social media or never be able to watch TV shows?
I would prefer to never be able to watch TV shows because having no social media will mean to end my blog.
Would you rather have an easy job working for someone else or have a hard job working for yourself?  
A hard job working for myself, no doubt!
Would you rather be without internet or be with air conditioning?  
Without air conditioning because lucky where I live, we don’t need it so this wouldn’t be a big difference for me.

Simple Questions:

Where have you traveled to? 
Lucky for me, I have been to many places. Like London, Austria, Paris, Singapur, Malaysia, France, Ireland… and some others.
What book or quote has changed your life?
 Till now, I don’t have any.
Are you one to avoid conflict or do you engage in conflict?  
I think it depends on the conflict!

Let’s Get a Deeper Connection:

What advice would you give your younger self?  
I’m still young, but to my younger self I would say not to worry about what others say and to work hard because it’s so important! Oh, and not to do something that she doesn’t want to.
How would you describe the perfect world?  
With peace and justice.
Is there something you really want to do but something is holding you back?  
Not really!
What do you admire about yourself?
I think I’m a really working person and that I like to push myself to get what I want. I’m also a really organized person and that sometimes can help a lot.
How would you describe yourself? 
A girl who wants to achieve great things and hardworking. I’m also pretty creative and sometimes funny. But I can be a little bit shameful.
Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 11.10.22 AM.png
Thank you so very much to Marioness for doing this interview with me. I wish that everyone would go on over to her blog and giver her a massive follow!

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