Best Friend Fun

My best friend and I have wanted to go biking in Central Park for the longest time now. Although we’ve always had this thought in mind, we’ve never actually done it…until recently! One day, soon after my best friend got her boot off her foot, she had a stress fracture in her right foot; we thought it would be a splendid day to take a trip into the city.

Before going into the city we booked our bikes through Groupon to save a ton of money. Normally the cost to rent a bike for 2 hours at this place was $20 however with the Groupon we only paid $8. Before heading in we also decided to book a table at Carmine’s in NYC to grab a bite to eat before we exercise our little hearts out. We got into the city and we had some time before our reservation so we went to Lord & Taylor to have a look around. Can you believe this store had 10 floors!!! Yes! 10 whole floors! We explored each floor and before we knew it, an hour had passed by us and it was time to go to Carmine’s.

For those of you who haven’t been, Carmine’s is a family style restaurant so the meals are MASSIVE! We got our lovely assorted breadbasket and ordered the house salad and the roasted peppers with anchovies and mozzarella; hold the anchovies. Alongside our meal we decided to order an icy frozen berry drink. Fair warning, Carmine’s does not hold back on the vodka. After one drink we were both very giggling and had a bit of a buzz.

After lunch we plenty of leftovers but we decided to pack it up anyway, didn’t want any food going to waste. For those of you that do not know, salad doesn’t last very long if it has dressing on it so we gave our leftovers to the homeless and trotted along to our bike rental place. We picked up our bikes and made our way to Central Park where we road around for our 2 hours. I must admit, we biked a lot, more than I expected and it definitely wasn’t easy every time a hill came. By the end of the ride, my quads were feeling the burn. We returned our bikes to the bike shop and then went to Ben & Jerry’s to get some ice cream before we headed home.

Overall, we had an amazing day and I cannot wait to rent bikes in NYC again!


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