Corn Maze Fun

Hello! What better way to spend autumn than doing fall like things? A bit ago my boyfriend and I visited Stony Hill Farm Corn Maze. We both started off the maze by watching an instructional video that told us the rules of the maze such as no fowl language, no smoking and no running. The video also told us about the packet we were going to get. This packet went along with clues and photos found in the maze. If you came across a plaque in the maze that had a number you would read it and write the bolded word on the line next to the number. Once you got all of the bolded words, you could answer the mystery question. While walking in the maze if you came across a picture, you’d place the paper on the photo and sketch it.

My boyfriend and I started our adventure in the maze and we sure weren’t ready for how tall the corn actually was (about 10 feet) or how complicated the maze would be. We went around in circles several times and got lost quite a bit but it meant good laughs and a fun time. After 2 hours we finally got out of the maze and boy were we happy we did. If you haven’t done any fall activities I would definitely recommend Stony Hill Farm in Chester, NJ. If you aren’t in New Jersey, than just look up a corn maze near you, you may just get lucky and find one.


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