Looking for a weekend getaway? I’ve got the place for you! Boston! Yes, Boston! I recently went to Boston for a weekend getaway and I fell in the love with it. From the harbor, to the parks and markets, everything was just beautiful and delightful. If you do decide to go to Boston, I highly recommend looking up the Boston City Pass. Never heard of a city pass? Well let me tell you what it is. Essentially, a city pass allows you to visit several popular tourist sites for a fraction of the cost. With the city pass, I was able to go on a Boston Harbor Cruise (highly recommend for those of you interested in scenic views and history), the New England Aquarium, Skywalk Observatory and the Museum of Science all for $55! Yes, $55 which is basically a steal for everything you get to see!

While in Boston, I also recommend going to the Quincy Market because they have lots of restaurants; I recommend Ned’s Devine and Wagamama as dinning places in this area. I would also take a trip all through the little gift shops and stands to see all of the nice things you can bring back to friends and family. Another place that may catch your eye is Chinatown and the theatre district. Chinatown truly makes you feel like you’re in a different place, well, makes you feel like you’re in China. The theatre district has beautifully lit up theaters as well as lovely cafes such as Cafe Nero, which I may have fallen in love with while I was there. While in this area you also may want to take the time to go through stores such as Primark, which is a very popular store in Europe however hard to find in America. Basically while in Boston allow yourself to get lost by walking endlessly throughout the city and just see where it takes you and what you can find.


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