5K Update

So for those of you who have read my 5k Runtastic posts, you’re probably wondering why I haven’t updated on the app or on my progress and well that’s because I haven’t ran one in a couple of weeks. I known I set this goal that I wanted to get better at 5K’s and running in general, that goal is still in mind of course however I just haven’t been practicing my runs and the reason being it’s so hot. Truth be told that 5K’s are hard enough to run but running in 90 degree weather just seems like torture and therefore I have been slacking a bit. However, even though I haven’t been physically running the 5K’s I have been doing other workouts such as swimming laps and playing tennis which will help me condition my body for when I do run a 5K. I’m hoping sometime soon I’ll either get up a bit earlier and go for that run or I’ll brave the heat because I still have the goal in mind.


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