No Excuses

So for those of you who have read my Runtastic blog post, you’ll know that I’ve made it my mission to get better at running, specifically running a 5k. Today I decided to go out for a run again even though I am still recovering from a cold. I Know what you’re thinking who gets a cold in June!? Well apparently, I do. Although I wasn’t feeling 100% I still really felt the need to go out and try to do this run. As I started out I was feeling alright, but then my ankles started feeling a bit funny, I started cramping up and just felt like an overall mess! I could have given up, I could have called it quits and just walked away back to my car and back home. However, I didn’t, I kept going and pulled through. My time or pace wasn’t nearly as good as my last run that I ran last week; I had no improvement from my last run but I’m still happy that I got out there and tried my best.

Below you’ll see my results from last week and today. Once again, it’s clear that I did not improve however I still managed to complete my 5k which makes me happy. My message for anyone reading this, if anyone’s reading this, is that no matter how poorly you may feel or how unmotivated you may feel you should still try and go after your goal; although you may not improve you still made the effort and that’s what counts.



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