Keep Running

I’m a bit late on this blogpost because I usually like to write about my running experience the day I run however I haven’t had the chance! On Wednesday, June 8th I told myself that I would go for a run after work. As the day went by the weather went from partially cloudy, to cloudy, to very cloudy, to thunderstorm and crazy rain. I told myself ” oh well, guess I can’t run today.” Truly, I wasn’t very bummed because I had no motivation to run at all despite the fact I do have this goal of getting better at running. Once I got out of work it was still raining quite a bit. I got home and decided I wanted to bake a cake. I pre-heated the oven, got my cake mix ready and just as I was about to place the mixture into the oven I realized it stopped raining. Immediately I told myself this was some sort of sign. I turned the oven off, got my workout clothes on, drove to the park and sure enough did my 5k! Not only did I do my 5k but I got my best time yet! 35 minutes! My best time before that was 36 minutes and I know although this may not seem like such a massive difference I prefer a small step towards my goal over no step at all! Moral of the story, when you’re feeling really down and unmotivated to do that workout, do it anyway because you may surprise yourself on how great you do!



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