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Unfortunately for many it’s that time of year again…the time where we return to school. I know many of you are probably dreading the thought of school, whether because you hate the subjects or because you stress too much about the work load and of course…the dreaded grades and exams! I’ve been there, I know and I get the stress. In fact, I’ll be there again once I start my internship this September. Although…truth be told, there is no use in stressing over school, after all, so long as you give it your best that is really what should count. Even though I just typed that, I know how hard it is to actually not stress over school for I am the Queen of stressing over school, grades and everything. Today I want to share some back to school tips that will hopefully lessen some stress and tension. 


Planners are life savers…they are for me at least. I’ve used a planner all throughout my school years, middle school, high school, college and even when I’m not in school I still use a planner to plan out my blog posts or plan out all that I have to do. Planners are an easy way to get organized and an effective way to visualize all that you have to get done. Have homework to do? Write it down. Have a project due soon? Write it down. Once you write down all that you have to do, it’s so much easier for you to make time to do all that you have to get done. By writing everything in a planner you can also insure that you never forget any homework assignments, projects or upcoming exams. 


I will never and I mean NEVER comprehend the people that can just take the papers they are given in class and stuff them into their book bags. The papers crumble, they tear and get lost. Invest in a folder or multiple folders for different classes so that you are always sure that whatever papers you are given stay nice and neat and are easy to find. 

Multiple Notebooks

Personally, I need multiple notebooks because I cannot have history in the same notebook as math or science; it just doesn’t make sense to me. Having different notebooks will keep your notes nice and neat. Color code your notebooks so that it’s easy for you to pick up the right notebook when going to class or if you have a label maker, label the notebook covers. Writing the subject of the notebook works well too.


You can learn a lot on YouTube from DIY projects to makeup tutorials but one thing you may not use YouTube for is for learning school subjects! Personally, I lived on YouTube especially as I was taking Calculus 2 & 3 because I didn’t understand a word my professor would say and therefore learning on my own was a must. Stuck with a math concept? You can probably find some videos on YouTube that go into detail on explaining it. 

Fun Time

It’s so easy to get so swept into school mode that you forget to have fun and relax but trust me, having fun and relaxing is just as important as getting good grades in school. Plan some trips with your friends, have a game night, a movie night, get out and get active when you’re free so that you can be in a better frame of mind when it comes to getting back to work and into school mode. Remember, if you stress constantly over work or school and have no fun at all, you’re only ruining yourself which is pointless. Get out, have fun! Work hard play hard as they say!

Study In Advance

Studying is important and definitely helpful and beneficial for you however, more important than studying is studying in advance! There is no use in you pulling an all nighter the night before an exam because you’ll only tire out your brain and exhaust yourself. The truth is, if you know you have an upcoming exam, you should start studying a week or more in advance so that you really prepare yourself. Study for about an hour a day, not the whole night before the exam. 


What back to school tips do you have to share?! Share below so that everyone can learn a thing or two. 



42 thoughts on “Back To School Tips

  1. Yes to all of these suggestions! It’s the end of my first week back at the university. I had to pick up my planner yesterday because it was driving me crazy! This may sound silly, but I recommend drinking water. It is so easy to get caught up in the frenzy and ending up dehydrated. So don’t leave home without a water bottle at least! 🙂

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    1. Best of luck with your semester! I’m so happy you picked up a planner because I do think it will greatly reduce stress. As for the water…don’t you worry! I carry water with me so much, especially while teaching, I drink so much water!! I love that you mentioned that!

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  2. My daughter color codes things….like for English, her folder notebook and /or binder will be red. She said it’s always easier to find things in her backpack. She also takes social media off her phone if her schedule is hectic, or she puts her phone on do not disturb for the first two hours after she gets home

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  3. Planners are lifesavers! I always read the chapters ahead of class so that way I can pay special attention to the parts I didn’t understand. One of my professors gives us general tops about the homework for that week so I also start planning my discussion posts ahead of time! Trying to keep on top of everything is so important!

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    1. That is amazing!!! I cannot believe how on top of everything you are! I think it’s great that you read before class so that you can pay extra attention to what you’re unsure of. You’re an amazing person and very intelligent! Have a lovely day! x

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  4. Great post, and YESSS, planners are a must!
    I remember in my middle school days when I would always just find planners just an extra thing I needed to carry around from class to class.
    But I would always forget homework sometimes, so planners are a must, keeping everything in place!!
    I cannot not study in advance for a test, so that is definitely necessary, good grades, am I right!!
    Great post, loved all the tips!

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  5. Planners are must and yes you should save your papers in folders as later on if you have extra time you can revise them (most are the chances those questions do come). Water and allowing your self to breath something also very helpful.

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  6. For myself I can totally relate to using a planner because if i didn’t have my planner I would be lost. I can also relate to how much I need my thing in my book bag organized, even my assignments. Like you said I also cannot have the different class assignments or notes in the same notebooks.


  7. I would be a raft in the midst of this enormous educational sea were it not for my agenda- planners are definitely lifesavers! Loved the post 🙂

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