Blogging Advice 009

You didn’t think I forgot all about this series, did you?! I couldn’t forget this series even if I tried because tons and tons of you love it despite the fact that I constantly remind you all that I am no expert what so ever! If you remember correctly, the reason I started this series anyway was because people would keep asking me for advice. Why me?! I have no idea! As per usual with this type of blog post, I want to share with you some advice that I have come with on my own either through personal experience or by observation.

Write When You Want

I know that I’ve mentioned that keeping a schedule and being consistent is important for your readers, but it’s also important to write when you want. If you feel as though you have nothing to say to your audience or if you’re just feeling writers block or even if you simply don’t want to type, that is completely fine! Write when you’re feeling inspired, when you’re feeling creative and when you personally WANT and feel the NEED to share with your audience. If one particular day you’re feeling extra inspired, WONDERFUL, use that day to plan some posts ahead just in case there comes a time when you simply just don’t feel like writing.

Challenge Yourself

Who doesn’t like a challenge? It’s so amazing to empower your own self by challenging and pushing your own boundaries. I often challenge myself to post each day in a month just to give back to my readers who enjoy my posts but also to prove to myself that if I set my mind to something I can achieve it. If you’re only posting once a week, perhaps challenge yourself to post twice a week! See how creative you can get and if you can keep up with your own challenge.

Share Your Knowledge

Don’t be greedy now, if you’ve learned a thing or two from blogging, share it with the rest of us! We all want to grow and we all want to learn and therefore sharing what you’ve came up with or what you’ve learned is the best thing to do. Let’s help each other out and share with each other whatever works best for us or what we’ve picked up on from this blogging journey!


Hopefully at least one of you found this post to be helpful and you’ll go on over to the rest of my blog on hunt for posts similar to this one. As I’ve said before, I am no guru, but I do like to share what I’ve learned myself.


So, what pieces of advice would you like to share? What have you learned from blogging?




69 thoughts on “Blogging Advice 009

  1. I enjoy reading your sensible and practical advice and find it useful. I agree with what you say about writing when you feel inspired or want to share something with your readers. As I review places to eat it only works well when it’s somewhere I feel enthusiastic about!

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    1. I’m so very glad you enjoyed this post and agree with what I’ve said. I love even more that you can find a connection and you realize yourself that it’s best to write when you feel enthusiastic on the topic. Have a lovely day !

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  2. Morning, I am SO new to blogging and I am learning as I go each day. I love how we are all so far away from one another yet share so much as though we’re neighbors. I enjoy everyone’s blogs and topics and posts they get more exciting with each read because it seems the more into we get. I have learned you have to give a little to get a little, meaning provide feedback, interest and input to have a blogger follow you once you start following them. Ive learned of the diversity on here and I think it’s amazing. I have also been told It’s best to check my reply before submitting it to check for grammar and punctuation errors, so like I said I am learning more as I go and I hope I am reaching my fellow bloggers in a positive fashion. Excellent post, thank you.

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    1. I love that you have shared your love for blogging with me and what you have learned as well! It makes me so happy that you have found a community you love and are proud to be a part of. I hope you have an amazing day! x


      1. Aww thanks so much girl, im finally getting a hang of it and I love it, everyone is wonderful on here, well 1 person was mean lol but otherwise its been great


  3. Some great advice. Totally agree with write what you want when you want. Your blog should be a creative outlet for yourself. Don’t worry too much about others – but if you have an opinion and want to share it remember people also have the right to challenge your opinion.

    Also love spreading the message that we should share our knowledge. Plenty of room for everyone. 🙂 Great post. x

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  4. I enjoy posting on what’s going on daily in my life. Sometimes I am complaining, sometimes I am just saying what’s going on, and sometimes I have stories about something funny or weird that my family or clients have done. It’s cathartic for me to write.

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  5. I think people put too much pressure on themselves with blogging – it MUST have loads of followers, it MUST follow rules that some guy wrote once. I much prefer your philosophy; write because you love it, and let everything happen naturally. x

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  6. Preblogging is super helpful!! Sometimes there’s a lot on my mind and i keep them all in my drafts. Then, I publish them when I’m too busy to blog or have nothing to really blog about that day.

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  7. I’ve learned consistent writing and being involved in the community is the best to have a growing blog (if the blogger seeks increasing followers, getting to know people, and pushing themselves as a writer). 🙂 The blogging community has definitely help me find a community I am a part of.

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  8. I’m super new to blogging, like 3 weeks ago. What I’ve learned already is a) write when I feel creative, and 3) be real – be open. We’ve struggled through similar issues and I know it helps me to read others posts that I can relate to… I hope I can give back.

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  9. Regarding “write when you want,” I’d add “…and publish when you’re ready”.

    The blog WaitButWhy has only published one blog post this year. Just one. According to some rules, that’s blogging suicide. The difference here is, the writers spent 4 months writing it, it’s 36,000 words long, and it’s made with the help of Elon Musk:

    And also with “write what you want” – if you write something and your heart isn’t in it, your readers will know. They always know. So if you don’t want to write it, you’re taking a big risk. You’ll probably sound flat, bored, uninterested – and uninteresting. When you really *want* to write it, your writing sounds alive. Every time.

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  10. Great advice & great incentive to continue on… I write for information purposes – therefore, it’s more research than ‘creative’ writing. I remain hopeful that the people who stick with me get to learn something they didn’t know about.
    You have a Great blog & it’s pretty to look at! I like that.

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  11. Thanks for the great advice. I’m new to blogging, since February, and I also work a full-time job and I’m the Mom of a 16 year old boy who is heavily into bowling. I know I’m supposed to post consistently, but sometimes I’m just not inspired, even though I have lots of topics to cover. Other times I’m just too tired or I just don’t have time to write. I really do enjoy writing and love it when I’m so inspired that I can write a post and get it online all in the same day. It’s nice to hear that it’s ok to post when I can. 🙋🐦

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    1. Yes of course it’s okay to post when you can and when you feel like you are inspired. At the end of the day, we are al busy, especially you, so it makes sense that you can’t ALWAYS be posting. Remember, this is your blog, you do as you please! Thanks for dropping by! x

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  12. I wish I knew challenges to follow, when I do not have content ready. I have taken part in NaPoWriMo and Camp NaNoWriMo and loved those to bits! Do you know any others?
    Thank you for your advice, I shall keep to it!

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