Quotes To Live By 023

Let’s end the week with some amazing, powerful, and inspirational quotes. I will share quotes, my opinion on them and I welcome you to share your own opinion and quotes in the comment section below.

“Strive for progress, not perfection.”

I really like this quote because as a perfectionist myself, I see myself constantly pushing myself to be better and do better which isn’t necessarily an issue, however I push myself to the point where I’m never happy with anything unless it’s absolutely perfect. I think I need to take this quote more seriously, I need to focus on the progress I’ve made, how far I’ve come instead of making everything in the world and everything I do absolutely perfect. I will definitely take this quote into consideration when it comes to fitness and working out because I often look in the mirror and feel like I’ve made no progress because I’m not the ideal “perfect” fit instead, I want to maybe take photos so that I can see my fitness journey and progress.

“Positive Mind. Positive Vibes. Positive Life.”

I LOVE this quote! I want to fill my life with so much positivity that I walk around seeing the best in everything and the best of every situation as well. I think a positive outlook on life all starts with our minds, our minds control everything about us and therefore starting to make our mind more positive will help influence other parts of our life.

“Remember why you started.”

I think this is very important in terms of careers, fitness, and everything really. Whenever we are feeling like we are in a tough situation we have to focus on why we began, why it is we are where we are today. What made us want to start a journey, a new journey? What made us strive for something different? If you’re ever feeling like you’re stuck whether it’s with your blog, life or maybe your fitness, remember…why did you start? After you recall why you started you can focus on making positive changes.




19 thoughts on “Quotes To Live By 023

  1. ‘Remember why you started’. We often lose track of that, isn’t it? I think I need to do this with a project of mine where I keep losing steam. So that is a good reminder at the end of the week. And that first one totally clinches it for me. I do that all the time. Keep thinking that what I see in the mirror is yet not perfect (that I possibly have to run a little more). But what is perfect really, but a chink in our minds, no? Have a lovely weekend! x

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