L’Oréal Pure Clay Charcoal Mask

Hey everyone, how are you all doing today? Let me know in the comment section below. I have another question for you and that is has anyone heard of the L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask because I have seen it EVERYWHERE recently! I’ve seen people review it, I’ve seen commercials, I’ve see ads, and I’ve even seen it at home because I bought it myself.

L’Oréal Paris Skin Experts have come up with three different types of masks recently one being this Charcoal pure clay mask that I have decided to try. The clay mask comes in a clear glass container with a green lid and has white lettering on the glass. Through the glass you can see the color of the mask which in this case is charcoal (makes sense since it is a charcoal mask.) Let’s get to know the product a bit more before I actually review it.


Depending where you get the product from it can be purchased for $9.99 – $ 12.99. If you get it at a beauty discount store such as Harmon’s you can get it for $9.99, which I did, but if you go to a higher end store such as Ulta Beauty you can be paying up to $12.99 for this product.


Personally I give the packaging a 5/5 because it looks so clean and fresh. I was drawn to the product because of the airy light green color of the box.


So what does this product claim to do?! The product claims to draw-out impurities such as dirt, oil and pollution. Not only does the clay mask claim to do the aforementioned but it also is claiming to brighten dull, tired skin making it look even, radiant and with a healthy glow. (Woah now, that is one big claim, do you agree?)


Creamy and non-drying formula.


Apply an even layer to the face, avoiding eyes and lips then leave it on for 10-15 minutes and remove with water. For best results use three times a week.

Does It Work?:

YES! I can honestly say that I was a bit skeptical at first because as I was applying the product I was wondering how on earth this product would brighten my skin if it was a product that was so dark in color. I also was a bit worried that it wouldn’t cleanse my face as much as it claimed to do so because it had some pretty BIG claims. After using this product I automatically noticed a huge difference when it came to skin brightness; my skin looked so much more bright, glowy and I looked so healthy and filled with life. I went on and used this product a few more times before I decided to write a full review on it and I can honestly say that each time I was given the result of the healthy, brighter, glowier skin.


  • Product is true to it’s claims
  • Easy spread
  • Doesn’t smell awful like some products
  • Good price
  • Brightens skin
  • Hardens so you know it’s ready to come off


Truthfully, it’s messy. I found it messy when applying this product because it gets under my finger nails and because it is creamy, it does take a bit effort to get it out from under my nails. I also find it messy to clean up off my face because as it gets water on it, it goes from being hard to being creamy again and it becomes a bit messy. Truthfully, I wish the mask was a meal off so that taking it off would be much more clean and easy.


Definitely would repurchase this product and I do want to try out the other two products that are similar to this one just to see if those are truth to their claims as well.

Final Rating:


I took .5 away for being a bit messy. 

Have you tried this product before? How do you feel about it? Let me know in the comment section below.




44 thoughts on “L’Oréal Pure Clay Charcoal Mask

  1. I really liked this mask, unfortunately I ended up having an allergic reaction to it 😦 That being said, I still recommend people give it a try given the amazing reviews it’s received! I’m holding on to it and I’ll try it again in a few months…I’m just not quite ready to let it go!

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    1. Awwww, such a shame that you got an allergic reaction because it is such an amazing mask. Perhaps giving it one more go would be worth it but don’t risk it if the reaction was bad! Best of luck!

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  2. I like this mask as well although I found it quite perfumy but the perception of the strong scent got lower with each use. I use flat foundation brush to apply so this would solve problem with messy application and remove it with wet face towel (not white one because you’ll never fully wash that black away).

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    1. Hmmmm, I should definitely try using this product with a brush than, not so sure why I never did. I didn’t want to dirty any of my towels in fear that it would stain them but I suppose using one is the best idea. Thank you so much for sharing this, I will definitely keep it in mind the next time I use it!

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  3. I love all of the three masks so much! I always use this one before I shower so it doesn’t matter if it’s getting messy 😉 really liked the way you reviewed it! Great post, xx

    Oh and you have to try the other two masks!!!

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    1. Thank you so very much! The last couple of times I’ve been using it, I tried to do it before my shower and I do agree, much less messy. I want to try the others so badly, I already own the red algae one I just haven’t tried it yet but I will soon. Thanks for coming by lovely!

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    1. I cannot speak from experience on this one but people have said it’s best use is for sensitive skin however there also has been some people that have said that they have gotten irritated by this product. I suppose it all depends exactly on how sensitive the skin is.

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    1. I’ve never tried either of the ones you have mentioned. I have gotten so far about 5-6 uses and I still have some more! It really depends how much you put on. I don’t cake it on (which I don’t think you should) just a nice even layer does the trick!


    1. Yes I would definitely say it does! At first I felt a bit unsure that it did that but after I used it a couple more times I really took notice. Your skin seriously just looks so much brighter, at least it did for me so I was very pleased.

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  4. I was headed to the store to buy this a couple months ago but they were out! I tried the clay mask and it is fabulous as well. Can’t wait to go back, buy, and try this one. Great post. xox.

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  5. I love my glow mask. I agree it is little bit messy but for the price tag it is perrect. It is cheaper than Glamglow masks yet in the same packaging. Glamglow is also in these kind of jars. Love the post 🙂

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      1. I liked it. And the mask is soo affortable comparing to other mud mask thing. I love that drugstore brand came out with these kind of “luxury” masks too 😊😊

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  6. I have a green clay mask that I use now and love. It’s the first time I have tried a clay mask and it does wonders. It really cleans your pores and leaves your skin so soft. The brand is Le Petit Olivier. It’s also super inexpensive for the amount of product you get and it’s not messy at all. It comes in a tube. I take it off using a wet and warm washcloth.

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  7. I’ve tried it recently as well because of all the advertisements that you see about it.. It’s definitely something new and requires some getting used to but I have to admit that it does seem to work pretty well.. I’m thinking about buying the other versions as well just to be able to compare 🙂

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    1. I too want to try out the other versions and compare as well. I was shocked because it does exactly what it says it’s suppose to !Thanks for coming by and sharing your experience!

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  8. I really liked this mask! I have really sensitive skin and some products that claim to be non-drying do tend to dry my face out. So when I tried this mask, I took a leap of faith that I would actually do what it said, and so far no complaints! I do only put it on 2 times a week just to be on the cautionary side, but I absolutely love it! However, like a lot of people have said, it is quite messy, especially when you try to remove it, so one solution I have done, it to apply it before I get into the shower and then rinse it off then! I have recommended this product to a few of my friends and they love it almost as much as I do!

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    1. So happy it hasn’t badly affected your skin! I agree, it is messy and I too now try to put it on before I shower. Thank you so much for coming by and leaving that great comment! Have a lovely day ! X


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