As Told By a Substitute 002

Hello everyone! If you’ve read As Told By a Substitute 001 than you know that I am a substitute teacher and with the job comes many jaw dropping moments. If you haven’t gone over and read the first post I definitely recommend you do because it’s got three short but very interesting stories that have happened to myself. Are you ready for today’s stories?!

The Wasabi Debate:

I was once subbing for a class that was required to read a paper on sushi and answer 10 questions that pertained to the article. Simple enough right? Seems like the students could get it done quickly without causing too many problems. I thought so too. Apparently, one of the questions on the assignment was “What do you think wasabi is?” For some strange reason, students read this question out loud and legitimately started yelling what they thought wasabi was, this is kind of how it went:

Kid 1: “Wasabi is a sauce…”
Kid 2: “Wasabi is not a sauce…not a sauce at all.”
Kid 1: “Yes it is, it’s just like soy sauce.”
Kid 3: “What!? No, it’s not like a sauce at all, it’s more like a paste!”
Kid 4: “Wasabi is not a paste wasabi is a condiment!”
Kid 1 &2 : “A condiment!? What is a condiment?!”
Kid 4: “A condiment….you know like ketchup or mustard.”
Kid 1: “No because it’s nothing like that, the textures are so different, it’s like a sauce!!”
Kid 5: “Wasabi is a powder!!!”
Kid 6: “Nahhh, I looked it up, wasabi is a plant.”
Kid 1: “IT’S A SAUCE!!!”
Kid 4: “IT’S A CONDIMENT!!!! Like something extra you add to food! It’s nothing like a sauce or paste!!”
Kid 5: “I found that wasabi is powder!!”
Kid 6: “It’s definitely a plant!”

That went on for way longer than it should…the other teacher in the room and I had to tell the students that if they didn’t stop talking about wasabi that they would have to be escorted out of the room because they were far too loud with all of their yelling.

Airdrop Fail:

It was the end of the day, I was in the last period when I opened the drawer to see a strange notification on my phone. I had to teach this period so I decided to ignore the notification and return to it once I gave the kids their worksheet. I taught for 20 minutes and then handed out the worksheet for students to complete. I returned to my desk, opened the drawer, took out my phone and saw I had an airdrop…an airdrop? I had never gotten an airdrop before. When I looked closer it was the classwork I had handed out to students. Apparently, someone from an earlier class completed the worksheet and airdropped the picture to everyone near by and since I have my airdrop on I too got the airdrop. Immediately I told students “Hey, if you’re going to cheat, make sure the teacher doesn’t get the airdrop too.” They all started laughing and were in shock that my phone picked up their cheating airdrop.

For those of you who may not be familiar with iPhone’s or airdrop, iPhone has this thing called “airdrop” that allows you to send files quickly to anyone near you or in your contacts.

Thank you for reading my substitute stories, I hope you enjoyed them! Leave me your thoughts in the comment section below.

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42 thoughts on “As Told By a Substitute 002

  1. Omg, downloading airdrop on my phone asap.

    Yesterday, I caught one of my students opening up the html to change how his grades appear on the screen so that he could take a screen shot of his grades for his mom.

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      1. One of my best ones was a 7yr old coming in one morning saying “I’m stressed”
        Me: why are you stressed, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about at your age.
        Child: My wifi is broken
        Me: when I was your age wifi didn’t exist, we had this thing called dial up and I could only use the internet if I’d been really good and no one was on the phone.
        Kid: Huh?
        Me: yeah, I spent most of my time playing with my beanie babies, polly pockets, baby born, barbies and dolls house.
        Kid: You had no internet? Wow!

        😀 😀 😀

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      2. Hahhahaaha, that is so great!! Yes though, they are so addicted and all the do is complain if wifi is too slow or they don’t have service, it’s insane! I mean I’m not that far in age from high schoolers but holy moly it’s crazy how addicted they are! I’m shocked that for you a 7year old said that, so insane but yet so funny!

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    1. Oh my goodness, I’ll tell you that wasabi debate lasted far too long and got far too heated for a classroom discussion! Haha still funny to look back at though! As for the airdrop, my oh my were they lucky that I wasn’t their real teacher! Thanks for coming by ! X

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  2. lol I’m a sub too! Kids have the wildest conversations and they’re always so passionate about them! They stress out over the littlest things that are so huge in their lives! And they know about everything that’s on social media, it’s weird because we weren’t on social media in elementary school!

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