One Year

ONE YEAR!!! Today marks the one year anniversary of my very first blog post! I cannot believe how quickly time has gone by, feels like just yesterday I was typing up Brunch & a View! I remember clear as day that that very post had very limited views, likes, comments, if any honestly. I also remember thinking to myself that no one would probably ever want to read my posts however I enjoyed writing them so I would write regardless. Today, one year later, that couldn’t be more different! I currently have over 1,000 followers reading my posts, liking them and commenting on them and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve grown to really love this blogging world; I love how supportive we are of each others dreams, I love the words of encouragement that people leave on people’s posts and I love the communication we have between each other, it’s amazing! I want to say thank you to everyone that follows me, views my work and chooses to comment and like, it really means so much to me to know that someone out there enjoys what I am putting out. Thank you once again to all of you. 


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