Hershey House

I told at the beginning of Blogmas that on some lucky days you’d get double the posts and here is one of those days!!

‘Tis the season for gingerbread house making, unless of course you find something new this year such as a Hershey house in which case, it’s the season of Hershey house making. My boyfriend and I recently took a trip to 5 & Below, we went there because he needed a new long charger for his phone. While we were there we spotted these Hershey houses and we knew immediately that we were going to make these this year instead of the regular gingerbread houses. We each purchased one and decided we would have a bit of a competition to see who can decorate their house better. After much struggle with the icing bag popping and a tumbling house, we eventually both finished building and decorating our little homes and then we put them side-by-side.

So the big question is…who’s looks better?! Last year we had my best friend CiarraLorren vote to see who’s house was better, this year we want YOU reading this to vote on which house is better. Please take a look at the photo where you see two houses on the same plate; the left is done by my beautiful boyfriend’s house and the right house is done mine. Please leave your vote in the comment section below!


17 thoughts on “Hershey House

  1. I have to admit, yours is better. But the fact that your boyfriend is willing to make one earns him points 🙂 I’m doing a gingerbread party with my friends. I’ll have to send them your way for inspiration.

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  2. These both look amazing!! 😍 You both deserve credit for being able to make them without just devouring the ingredients, but – since it’s a competition – I’d have to say that yours wins by a clear mile (sorry boyfriend!) Xx

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      1. I’ve just been desperately googling how quickly I can get a Hershey House delivered to the UK! (In case you’re wondering Amazon can have it here by Wednesday 🙌) Thank you so much for bringing this into my life 😍xx

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