Myrtle Beach, SC

Hey! I’m back again to continue sharing about my East Coast Road Trip. If you’ve been keeping up then you already know that thus far I’ve shared how we stopped in Baltimore, Maryland, Virginia Beach, and Wrightsville, North Carolina. Our first stop today for this post is the very famous Myrtle Beach, South Carolina which is known for its 60 mile string of beaches, boardwalks, arcade games and much more!

Day Three of Road Trip:

We woke up in Wrightsville, North Carolina, got dressed and headed to our next location which as aforementioned is Myrtle Beach! The journey from one beach scenery to the other was approximately 2 hours and a total of 85 miles so not bad of a journey at all. We arrived to Myrtle beach and immediately had to explore the famous and highly talked about boardwalk. We walked the stretch, admiring the amusement rides, plethora of restaurants, shops and arcades. I will say, this boardwalk definitely beats any here in Jersey because it’s so much cleaner, neater, and a lot better kept.


After exploring the boardwalk, we opted for some lunch at Moe Moons. We decided on this place, partially because a friend suggested it, but also because the logo of the restaurant is a cartoon surfer with his bum out riding a wave. Who can pass up on a good laugh at a logo? Although a very humorous logo, the service and food were very subpar, I wouldn’t recommend it nor would I return.

To unwind from exploring and digest our food, we opted to lay out on the beach for a couple of hours before continuing our journey to our next location. I must say, the following place is DEFINITELY one of my favorite places I’ve ever been too. If you’re from the east coast or have traveled here can you guess where we are off to?! Stay tuned for that special and stunning place.

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