Day Two of Road Trip

Hello, Hello, Hello and how are you all today? Today’s blog post is a continuation of Road Trip Essentials where I share all the awesome items you would need to pack for a road trip as well as a continuation of East Coast Road Trip where I tell you about the first day of the road trip which began in Baltimore, Maryland.

Day 1 Continued:

So after exploring the Inner Harbor of Baltimore, Maryland our next trip was to make our way to Virginia Beach. We spent the rest of our first day of our road trip completing the 4 hour journey. Once we arrived to Virginia Beach we went straight to sleep to rest up for the following day. All in all, our first day on the road trip was approximately 7 hours of driving and 424 miles in distance.

Day 2 of Road Trip:

You will definitely notice that throughout this road trip we travel to a lot of beaches, which is was the goal throughout this East Coast Road Trip. Our first beach stop was Virginia Beach. I’ll be honest, one of my least favorite beaches we have visited to, all in all, it wasn’t much different from Jersey beaches; the water was still a murky color, the sand had regular appearances of plastic although I will say the beach had a nice boardwalk and plenty of nice flowers around.

Click on the image for a closer look.

We spent our day relaxing on the beach, catching some rays before we decided to walk along the boardwalk. I was very impressed with the boardwalk at Virginia Beach and the amount of people that were being active running, walking, and riding on rented bikes. If I were to go back, renting a bike is a must to do some extra exploring in quick time.  Before heading off to our next location we wanted something fruity and refreshing. We began to look on our trusty app Yelp (which we use so often, especially while on the road) to find something for our taste buds and we came across a cute place called Mosaic Cafe. Upon arriving to the cafe, we quickly realized it was very popular as there was no where to sit and a lengthy line. Since my boyfriend and I always wanted to have some sort of smoothie in a fruit bowl we had to take this opportunity to get a coconut bowl and a watermelon bowl; I can honestly say that both of these smoothies were so delicious and I wish I had a place like this around me. I also wish I had the opportunity to taste their coffee, as I am a coffee addict and theirs looked delicious!

Click on the image for a closer look.

After our delicious lunch (yes, that smoothie was big enough to be consumed for a meal), we headed to our next location which was 5 hours away. We got to Wrightsville, North Carolina just in time to watch some storm clouds come in, have dinner and enjoy a sunset. We beat the storm by going to dinner at Tower 7 Baja Mexican Grill which was absolutely amazing! I ordered a mango margarita alongside the hard shell chicken tacos which were scrumptious. We ended our night with a stroll around town enjoying the sunset views and gorgeous enormous beach houses.

Click on the image for a closer look.

The second day of our road trip included 5 hours of driving and a total of 290 miles. After the sun set, we headed indoors to catch a snooze.

Have you ever been to Virginia Beach or Wrightsville Carolina? What did you think? Let me know in the comment section below!




22 thoughts on “Day Two of Road Trip

  1. Hi Bea,

    Glad you enjoyed exploring the east coast. There is a LOT to see and do! I grew up in NJ and lived/worked in DC/VA/MD for decades. Baltimore is a great old working class city, I’ve been to VA Beach too. What a long walkway! I’m now on the “left coast”, in Seattle. Love it here. Keep exploring! Thanks for stopping by my blog too, Natural Views.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, you’ve been to many places yourself! I just went to Seattle recently, absolutely loved it and wish I had more time there to do more exploring, do plan to visit again.


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