East Coast Road Trip

Welcome One, welcome All!

If you’re an avid follower than you’ll know that nearly a year ago I posted a post titled Road Trip Essentials and shortly after that I went completely M.I.A never adding information as to why I posted that in the first place. Well…the reason I posted that was in part so that I could remember what on earth I needed to pack for my own road trip but also to help anyone who may need a similar list. I was mighty surprised at how well that post did and I want to thank everyone who added their own little inputs as to what I missed. 

Any who, the next several posts of mine will be related to that road trip that I took a year ago, LONG OVERDUE, I know, bare with me.

First and foremost I should start by stating that I took this adventure with my boyfriend in his Nissan Altima Coupe. You’re probably wondering why on earth we would take a small two door car for a road trip but it’s what we had and quite frankly it wasn’t that tight or compact, we made it work. I wouldn’t suggest this type of car if you’re going with more than two people however as it won’t fit all the luggage and leg room will be tight.

Day 1 of Road Trip: 

We took off from New Jersey and our first stop was Baltimore, Maryland. We didn’t have any set plans on what to do in Baltimore but we had heard of the Inner Harbor and we decided to go check it out for ourselves since we did loved our trip to Boston’s HarborWe arrived to the busy city of Baltimore, parked our car and headed out to explore the land.

Hint: Click on the photos for a closer look.

As aforementioned, we didn’t have anything planned other than walking around, we stopped in some local shops, explored some stores and walked around taking in Baltimore’s beauty. Due to the fact we wanted to get to our next location, we opted to skip out on any tourist activities but we did stop at a local meadery titled Charm City Meadworks. Charm City focuses on creating light, dry and refreshing beverages. I tried the Wildflower, Elderberry, Basil Lemongrass and Blackberry Lime; I’ll be honest I wasn’t completely in love with any, I don’t think I’m a dry type of gal.

Hint: Click on the photos for a closer look.

Although we didn’t have time for tourist adventures in The Inner Harbor of Baltimore I have compiled a list below of things I’ve read are worth checking out:

After leaving Baltimore, we still went to one more location that took part on Day 1, stay tuned for another blog post on that location.

Have you ever done a road trip before? Have you been to Baltimore? Let me know in the comment section below!




22 thoughts on “East Coast Road Trip

  1. LOL! Sorry… Not disrespectful. Just sounds a lot like my road trip, that’s all. I mean, you’d think the very sound of a road trip makes the things unique yet I visited a sort of museum as well; a genuine manakin Hotel Clerk from the 1800’s and a big wall full of pictures we took a picture of etc… All in all, loads of fun though. Baltimore must be much larger however than our tiny Canadian town of Port Carling. Our car came equipped with an actual steering wheel, in spite of the crazy round about way we got there… Sounds like you got educated as well :o)


  2. My very first road trip is planned for Utah after my caregiver time has come to a end. There is a really amazing story behind that plan and I will share when the time is right.
    Great Post!!

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  3. I have taken a lot of road trips! Three across the U.S. and back (starting from San Francisco and two up and back to British Columbia and Alberta. While I admire your free-styling adventuring, our trips have worked better for us by doing a lot of research about the areas we are going through. There are a lot of quirky and interesting sights to see that you might miss. I also want to know that I’ll be able to find a good hotel with vacancy so I make reservations. Having a handle on what we want to see and how much we want to drive per day keeps us happy with our trip and with each other.

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    1. Woahhh you really do have a lot of experience when it comes to road tripping ! Thank you for sharing your advice and experiences, I’ll definitely keep it in mind for the next travel!


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