As Told By A Teacher 002

Where have you been Bea?! Oh you know, doing the grown up thing and doing my job as a first year teacher which let me tell you is MIGHTY difficult. With that being said, I felt the need to share my stories with you because I have A LOT! I won’t share them all…just a couple.

Are You Having A Baby?

This is by far the most asked question I’ve been getting recently. I’ll admit, I’ve packed on the pounds recently and some days I am quite bloated but for a student students to ask if I am pregnant is a bit MUCH! I may not be the thinnest twig but geez, pregnant!? That’s a bit harsh. I also should add that I recently did an anti-bullying lesson where I mentioned that at times people should keep things to themselves…so much for that lesson because just yesterday I was told I looked pregnant! 

Litter Bug

Our school tends to give out fresh fruits and vegetables during the last period of the day; the other day we were given oranges. Most students knew to peel their orange over the garage can or peel it over a napkin and then throw out the peel. Well, one student decided to peel his orange and throw it out the window. I approached the student and told him that that is littering and in the street if a cop had seen it would be a $200-$500 fine depending where he is to which he replied “I don’t care, it’s just going to decompose anyway!” Mind you…where he threw it, it landed on concrete, which will NOT decompose orange peels. Regardless, he was sent down to the office. 

Let’s Disinfect Your Eye

I’m just going to keep this one short because even I still can’t process this. One time a girl got up from her seat (which is all the way by the front door), went to my desk (which is all the way in the back of the class), grabbed my lysol and sprayed a kid in the eye… I now hide my lysol IN my desk…She got suspended…

By the way, this was the same student that decided to put heels on in the middle of my class in my first As Told By A Teacher post. 

Meter Stick Weapon

My one student was using a wooden meter stick to draw a number line on the poster when she decided to clock someone in the head with it…he grew a bump on his forehead pretty quickly…she got suspended….


Okay, okay, I must go now. I hope you enjoyed these delightful stories of a first year teacher! 




18 thoughts on “As Told By A Teacher 002

  1. All I can say is…WTF is wrong with some of these kids?? If I did anything back in the day my mom let alone my grandfather would literally never let me out of the house again. I’d probably end up duct taped to a chair and home schooled LOL!!

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  2. Ya, this sounds about right! Remind me again, what grade are you teaching? Sounds like a middle school grade! By the way, as long as you are so young, you will get the pregnant question no matter your weight. It seems that they are just way to interested in all things biological 😊

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  3. Wow! I was just thinking I hadn’t read a post from you in a while and I completely understand why! Being a teacher is by far one of the most difficult and sometimes rewarding jobs. I seriously think some kids do and say things just to push your buttons. That being said you handled everything extremely well!
    Keri Elaine

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    1. Yeahhh, sadly I’ve been super busy especially with state testing coming around! However, I felt the need to make the time to type up some of my wild stories! Lots of deep breathing has to go on in my classroom in order for me to remain as calm as I do! Thanks for dropping y gorgeous! x

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  4. Ah, the joys of first year teaching! I’m in my 13th year teaching small groups of reading. It’s pretty comical the things I’ve heard and witnessed. With that said, my true feeling is that behaviors don’t define a person but tell a story. I feel that most of the time bad behavior signals something, whether it be home life, a disability, craving attention or something at the root of it. Hopefully next year will be smoother.

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    1. I agree with you that bad behavior is definitely something deeper than just feeling the need to misbehave! I have a lot of students that come from troubled homes so I try to be more compassionate

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