Snowy Days

If you don’t live in the New Jersey area than perhaps you don’t know that we’ve been getting hit with quite a bit of snow…in fact, I have off work today due to yet another Nor’Eastern. With tons of snow, there is only one thing to do…take photos of your dog in the snow…okay, okay, there’s actually loads more you can do in the snow like go skiing, build a snowman, make an igloo, but for me, all I’ve been doing is enjoying just how photogenic my dog is. I’ve put together a couple of photos of my fluffy Riley for you all to enjoy. 

Click on the photo for a closer look at this gorgeous lady!




51 thoughts on “Snowy Days

  1. I live in NJ, too! I’m in south jersey though! Not much snow in south jersey, just some rain snow as of now. It’s supposed to actually snow snow later on. Stay safe! Love the pictures of your dog! xo

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    1. It’s not that bad here in the middle of New Jersey though, the streets are still black but all the schools around me have been canceled! Stay warm as well, thanks for stopping by! x


  2. Riley is too adorable to not take pictures! He kind of looks like my Benjie. 🐾 With all that snow, that’s probably about all I would do outside,too! 😂. I just posted about my new IPhoneX with pictures of my Benjie not too long ago. You can take a peep…

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  3. I don’t live there, we either get almost no snow or it gets dumped on us. I love your dog! I have a Pug, the first snow after I got him, my children and I took him out to play and we laughed so hard, his little legs kept him from walking so he hopped through it.

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