Blogmas Ideas

Want to take part in Blogmas but think that coming up with Blogmas ideas all on your own can be quite difficult!? I am here to the rescue! Today I want to share some quick and easy Blogmas post ideas for you and your friends. Please feel free to steal any of these as well as add to the list!

  1. Tree decoration reveal
  2. Gift wrapping ideas
  3. Christmas films post
  4. Christmas traditions
  5. Christmas gifts for him
  6. Christmas gifts for her
  7. Stocking stuffer ideas
  8. Christmas playlist
  9. Holiday outfits
  10. Christmas appetizers 
  11. Christmas dinner ideas
  12. Christmas desserts
  13. Share your Christmas household decorations
  14. Recipes (OF ANY KIND, OF ALL KINDS!)
  15. DIY decorations
  16. Inexpensive Christmas gift ideas
  17. Elf on the shelf idas
  18. Ugly Christmas sweaters- Where to buy them
  19. Christmas PJs – Where to buy them
  20. Gingerbread house 

Have more ideas?! Well, don’t be shy; share them below!



50 thoughts on “Blogmas Ideas

    1. It’s totally up to you and you’re more than welcome to just copy other people’s posts and make it your own. Some people do the challenge for the whole month, others until Christmas and some do 12 days of Christmas! Totally up to you, make it your own and have fun!

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  1. This is a great list. I decided to participate in Blogmas and so far so good. The daily blogging is really fun to me and it doesn’t need to be long…just fun. Plus, it’s a great way to get in the holiday mood. Thanks again for the list. Great ideas.

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  2. Im soo happy i came across your blog post!.. i really wanted to do a Blogmas post and was lost for ideas. you just provided an entire list of things to blog about this Christmas! Thank YOU!! and Merry Christmas 🙂 xxx

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