Alstede Farms

To me, autumn isn’t autumn until you’ve done the apple picking, pumpkin picking and visited some sort of farm. Recently, my boyfriend and I took a trip to a farm called Alstede Farm in Chester, New Jersey. I heard from a friend that this place was massive and you were able to not only pick your own apples but pumpkins too and even potatoes. For some strange reason, the thought of picking my own potatoes intrigued me and therefore I was sold right away.

Upon planning our trip to the farm, we looked it up online and saw that not only could we harvest our own pumpkins, apples and potatoes but there was the option to harvest your own sunflowers, flowers, peppers, beans, raspberries, herbs, eggplant and so much more. Immediately, my boyfriend and I were very excited to check this place out and see all of the fruit and vegetables growing in the fields.

We arrived to the farm and were greeted my a liter of kittens hiding beneath a porch, the kittens weren’t the only living creatures roaming this place though, there were cows, and hens, and rosters, and ducks, and goats, and so many farm animals running around in their pens. There was a feeding station to feed goats by hand and even a section where you could ride a pony. Already, just minutes into this experience and we were having tons of fun.

After we played around with some farm animals we decided it was time to pick some apples, for the second time this year. This place worked very differently in comparison to the other apple picking adventures we’ve been to. For starters, there was an admission fee to enter the picking area, something we’ve never had to pay at our previous places. We also had to pay for a box to carry our vegetables in, again something that is usually given to us for free. Nonetheless, we paid for the admission ticket, which allowed us to get on the hayride and we went on our way to collect tasty apples.

On our ride to the hayride, our tracker stopped at the first stop and said we could get off here or we could get off at the next stop. My boyfriend and I, along with a majority of the riders decided to get off at the next top. We went up a hill on the hayride to the following stop, the driver got off his tractor, goes to open the door of the hayride and we slowly start moving forward…We begin to warn the man that we are moving, we are moving down hill and just like that we roll some more, pick up speed and crash into two rows of growing apple trees…I wish I was kidding, but I am not. We literally crashed into apple trees and then sat there for awhile until workers were able to figure out how to move us away from the apples. Luckily, none of us were hurt.

After picking up some apples we opted to pick up potatoes, raspberries, basil, parsley, eggplant, green beans, green peppers and purple peppers too! We were collecting so much you’d think we were making a feast, which we did once we got home with all of the fresh vegetables. After finishing our vegetable collection, we picked up our pumpkins to carve pumpkins and headed home.

Although our tractor did crash into some apple trees, our overall adventure was tons of fun! I would highly recommend this place to anyone who lives in the area. Even if you don’t live in the area, look for a farm to visit near you and go out, enjoy the fresh air and pick some fresh vegetables.

P.S. This place kind of inspired me to want to grow my own vegetable garden.

P.S.S. Click on the photos for a closer look!



9 thoughts on “Alstede Farms

  1. Beautiful photos Bea and it sounds like such fun. I have not got around to apple picking yet this season but maybe the next I shall put it on my firm to-do list. Then the thought of them baking away…ah bliss! The goats have my heart and does that duck actually have a pom-pom on its head?! 😀 xx


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