Random Facts

For some reason, you all seem to love getting to know me a bit more and are really enjoying these posts where I share random facts about myself. I figured, since I am really busy with this whole student teaching I should cheat a bit and post yet another random facts about me post! I hope you all enjoy it as much as you have been enjoying the others. 

  1. I almost always cut myself while shaving; haven’t quite mastered that aspect of my life. 
  2. Unlike most people, I do not watch Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead or Stranger Things. 
  3. Recently I’ve been extra obsessed with The Great British Bake Off!
  4. In the past month I’ve been baking more and I’ve been loving it. I cannot wait for when I have more time so I can photograph and type up some posts with recipes for you all.
  5. I’m a slight perfectionist, especially when it comes to my work life. 
  6. I think one of my greatest faults is that I care far too much and worry far too much about things I shouldn’t.
  7. Every night I put on Disney Channel to have in the background as I go to sleep…yup, 23 years old watching Disney Channel.
  8. I’m terrified of costume masks, they give me the chills and I hate them so very much!
  9. I’ve been wearing heels more recently and I’ve been loving it. 
  10. I always get the urge to chop my hair short but I’m always far too afraid. 


Share some facts with me below, I cannot wait to read them!



32 thoughts on “Random Facts

  1. I don’t watch these shows either, the German version of bake off just ended and I am so sad about it! Went by so fast! I’ve been baking more too (probably because of bake off) and I’ve been enjoying it so much! I haven’t had the change to take as much nice pictures as I want because it’s so grey and dark outside that the photos look just bad.
    I care by far too much about anything! Glad to know I am not the only one 😉
    I hate costume masks and I don’t understand why so many people love them. They are just so creepy.
    And I also feel the urge to cut my hair short and I actually cut it short 😉
    Loved this post so much Bea! I love getting to know you better! Crazy how much we have in common xx

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  2. Hi There! I’m not big on Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead either. However, I did catch the first season fo Stranger Things and rather enjoyed it.
    My OCD (Obsessive-compulsive Disorder) makes me crazy at times. Everything has to be a particular way. Every little thing I do is a ritual or reorganizing. It annoys the heck out of my friends. LOL!
    I have a parrot named Peanut, and he will be 31 years old this upcoming March. We talk & sing, and laugh quite a bit. I actually consider him my son.
    My favorite things that I collect are Angels and Dragonflies.
    I enjoy being creative with writing, as well as crocheting blankets.
    I love watching HGTV and the home improvement shows because they always have the greatest ideas. My favorites are Property Brothers & Fixer Uppers.
    Because of my mental health & physical problems, my mood has many highs & lows. When I’m feeling low, it scares me quite a bit. I turn to my daily meditation and read uplifting quotes to bring me back to positivity.

    So there you go. A few facts about me. 🙂


  3. Another soul that doesn’t watch any of those shows as well. I’m always the odd one out when it comes to that. I enjoyed your post!


  4. Number 2, I don’t watch those shows either. Glad to see I’m not alone lol, though I heard they’re really good. And 6 is so me also. It’s something I’m working on but it’s okay to have a big heart it just sucks sometimes


  5. I have never seen the walking dead, stranger things or game of thrones – so glad I am not the only one who doesn’t watch them:’) and I cannot wait to see all of your baking! It is definitely one of my favourite things to do this time of year


  6. Cut legs…you should see the nasty scar I’m getting behind my knee. It wouldn’t heal because it kept breaking open when I bent my leg and it looks like I was in a knife fight. Razors and I don’t get along. 😦

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  7. Bea, sorry I’ve been a bit absent lately. Have been having a hellish time at work and hardly any time for blogging. So how lovely to catch up on some of your posts. I’m with you on no. 6. I worry far too much about things that never end up being a problem! As for being brave enough to cut your hair short, I could send you a before and after of me with long hair and then when I cut it short. I’ve never looked back!


  8. ok #2 is just WRONG lol #5 same #6 very much the same, plus I overthink #7 I don’t leave it on but grew up with Disney #10 NOOOOOOOOO lol for me just check out my blog, I stick mostly to humanity, honor, love, but like my mind it does go all over the place at times.

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