September Favorites

Welcome, welcome! Fall is here and September has quickly come and gone. I’m still not over the fact that summer is over and I’m definitely not ready to accept the fact that another month has come and gone. Since another month has come to an end, I shall share my September favorites.

Student Teaching

Although, very stressful and way more work than I had anticipated, I have been loving teaching this month. I have three more months of this ahead of me!

Your Patience

Since I have been teaching and I have been writing lesson plans and reflecting and doing a whole bunch of other things, I haven’t been on my blog as much however all of you have been so understanding that I have taken some time to answer my comments. I still do try to get to every comment but it just takes me much much longer now that I am so busy. You all have also been so patient with the Get To Know emails, I will get to them as soon as I am a bit less stressed.

The Gym

My boyfriend and I joined a gym! Well my boyfriend joined and I am his unlimited guest. We have been going to the gym 4-6 times a week and I really have been enjoying it.

Belvita Chocolate Breakfast Bites

Although I actually never have this as a breakfast meal, I do have it often as a snack. I have been living off of these lately especially during my breaks at my internship. Yum yum!!!


What were your September favorites?!



25 thoughts on “September Favorites

  1. Going to the gym 4-6 times is great! September is the start of spring here in Australia so I am excited to be going for a run outside in the mornings, rather than being stuck inside on a treadmill!

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