Teacher Style

At this point, I’ve shared quite a few outfit posts with you all however, I’ve yet to share any of my teacher style. As most of you will know, I am currently studying to be a mathematics teacher, in fact, I’m currently doing my student teacher. FINALY SEMESTER YESSSS! Well, with me currently teaching, I thought it would only be fair and make sense that I also share my teaching style. 

When it comes to teaching, I am all about looking professional. It irks me whenever I see teachers wearing leggings, jeans, or sneakers because I feel as though it’s unprofessional – to each their own though. I decided to pair a bright floral shirt with a slim crop black pant and pointy black shiny shoes.

Before we rush into the photos, I’ll tell you a little secret. I don’t normally go for florals, as I mentioned in my Summer Florals post. Personally, I have a love-hate relationship with florals, sometimes I think they’re great, other times I think of a grandmothers old sofa. For this particular shirt, I feel like I wouldn’t normally go for it however, I saw it in the store and thought how happy and looked and how it could possibly make my students happy if they saw such a fun brightly colored top so I just had to get it. 


Shirt: Express

Pants: J.Crew

Shoes: Calvin Klein

Photographer: Ciarra Lorren



38 thoughts on “Teacher Style

  1. I love your outfit and I completely agree with you about looking professional! Kids learn things from us other than what we teach them and how to dress appropriately is one of them. I sound old ladyish, but I’m not- I just don’t like to see teachers in outfits better suited to their personal life!

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