Simple With A Twist

A plain white T with some jeans and sneakers is probably most people’s go to outfit if they have to go out in a rush. Me? Ehh, that doesn’t really cut it because I like to add a bit of a twist to what could easily be a boring outfit. What better way to add a twist to a plain white T and & jeans look than getting a shirt that actually has some character? As you see from the photos below, this shirt isn’t just a regular white T, we have some flare, some pazazz, I think I like that word, pazazz, some character in the sleeves by having these tiny circular openings. Just this alone can really make a plain white T and jeans look pop but if that isn’t enough for you, which it wasn’t for me, pair it with some shiny bronze shoes. Are you thinking I’m crazy? You probably are because when my boyfriend saw me pick up these shoes he looked at me a little funky, as did my mom, but seriously, they’re a great way to make any boring outfit look just a bit more chic. 


Shirt: J. Crew

Jeans: Levi’s

Shoes: Forever 21

Sunglasses: Burberry

Photographer: Ciarra Lorren



39 thoughts on “Simple With A Twist

  1. As you know from my post today, I don’t like jeans but I think you made it look great! The top and shoes definitely give it some sophistication! And thanks for reading my post and liking! Hopefully you’ll keep dropping by in the future

    ~L’advocate chic

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