Earth Tones

There are just some days where you don’t want to stand out too much, you just kind of want to blend away with the crowd but blending in with the crowd doesn’t necessarily mean you have to dress super casual, you can dress up but keep it neutral toned. Does that makes sense? Does anything I ever say make sense? While in Nashville, Tennessee I thought to pair a brown suede skirt with a patterned top that has a bit of color yet still is down to earth.

Le Top: I would share with you where I got the top, however I ripped the tag off and have no idea. (I’m not very good at this whole fashion blogging, am I?)

Skirt: Compagnie Internationale Express (A skirt my mom wore when she was a teenager in Portugal)


Thank you to my amazing boyfriend for taking the time out of his day to take these photos!



49 thoughts on “Earth Tones

  1. Fab, I love heart tones and they fits perfeclty with your skin!
    ps. I’m not good remembering where I bought my clothes too ahahah most times I suppose they are from some kind of local market so I write “bought in a local market”

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