Get To Know: Bayance

Welcome, welcome, welcome! Today our Get To Know guest is actually an anonymous author! I find anonymous authors quite neat because they’re kind of living the life of Hannah Montana, anyone remember that show?! Any who, let’s get to know our anonymous guest who goes by Bayance!

The Basics:

Name : Anonymous
Nickname : Bayance
Occupation : Student, I guess
Country currently living in: Canada

Let’s Get A Little Personal:

Favortie go to recipe: Omg there’s so many….probably toast with Greek yogurt and black olives.
Favorite time of day: Evenings
Favorite season: Fall and Spring
Favorite place you’ve ever traveled to: Tunisia, Africa
Favorite advice you’ve ever been given: “It’ll pass” and “Don’t think about things that overwhelm your brain”
Favorite advice you ever gave: I gave a lot of “lectures” before but I don’t know which one is my favourite.
This or That
Books or magazines- Books
TV shows or films- Bothhh but at the moment, Tv shows.
Cooking or baking- Baking 
Beach or lake- Beach
Dogs or cats- Dogs
Crazy night out or cozy night in- Cozy night in
Simple Questions
When did you start your blog? July 30 2017 
Why did you start your blog?I wanted some place to share my rants and tutorials. Kind of like a YouTube channel but blogs are anonymous and probably much safer because there aren’t a lot of viewers and most people are open minded and kind.
What are your blogging goals? I’m not sure at the moment
Do you have a blogging schedule? Yup. Sundays and Thursday and I also added a Tuesday.
What inspires you to blog? My passion for photography and writing.

Let’s Get A Deeper Connection

What quote do you find to be very powerful? “The best things happen unexpectedly” and “It’s not until you lose everything that you can appreciate everything”
What are your life goals? Write a book, help those who can’t afford education, get married and enter heaven in the afterlife
What are you looking forward to? To go through another school year. 
How would you describe yourself? A fun potato.
What have you learned about yourself recently? What I eat depends on my mood and I can’t sleep without light and a bit of noise lol ya I’m weird
Thank you so much Bayance for taking the time out of your day to complete this interview! Your answers were lovely and I am so happy that you decided you want to take part in this. As for everyone else, go on over to Bayance’s blog and give her a massive follow! 

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