Bath & BodyWorks Haul

I’ve only gone and done it again…I’ve stepped foot into a Bath & BodyWorks and I just couldn’t resist…I really couldn’t resist because they had some amazing sales going on too! Since I recently went to Bath & BodyWorks I’ve decided to share what I bought!

Hand Sanitizer 

We all know that I have a major hand sanitizer obsession! I carry one if not two hand sanitizers in my bag at all times. God forbid I switch bags and forget to move the hand sanitizer! I only buy the hand sanitizer from Bath & BodyWorks because I absolutely love all of their fun scents. Recently, the hand sanitizer was on sale 5 for $6 so I couldn’t resist. 


More Love Less Hate Lemonade:

First off, I was intrigued by this one because I love the name of it; so positive, so happy and such a great vibe. Secondly, I sniffed it and loved the freshness of the lemon scent. 

Beautiful Day

Again, I was intrigued by this because of the positive name! This scent is once again very fresh and sweet. The keynotes of this scent is apple, daisies, peony, fresh woods. 

Sorry I’m Latte

I’m a girl that loves lattes so choosing this one was a no brainer. This smells of almonds, honey and tonka bean! Overall, this is a very warm and cozy smell. 

Running (Late) Is My Cardio

Okay, so funny enough I’m rarely ever late but regardless I was interested to see what in the world this could smell like. This is a very fruity smell, smelling a lot like peaches and mangos. 

Cucumber Melon

Delicious! This scent just reminds me of a spa because cucumbers are usually used in spas but also because the scent is so relaxing and fresh yet fruity. The keynotes of this scent are cucumber, honeydew, cantaloupe, grapefruit and sheer woods. 

Hand Soap

My mom absolutely loves the soaps that come out as foam; since she loves them so much I make the extra effort to pick up one whenever I see the one we have at home is running low. I got extra lucky with this one because it was on sale for 50% off so I only paid about $4 for it! 


This scent is the definition of fresh; made with mint, eucalyptus and sweet sage. This scent is calming and very fresh! 

Body Cream

An ultra shea lotion that is 50% off is a lotion that I cannot resist! I picked up Cabana Breeze and Grapefruit Splash for $6.50. Cabana Breeze is my favorite of the two scents because it’s the typical scent I would go for. The keynotes of Cabana Breeze are starfruit, banana, orchid, and coconut. We all know, I love my coconut scents. The Grapefruit Splash was my way of taking a walk on the wild side! Grapefruit Splash smells of grapefruit, mandarin, pear, and basil. Grapefruit Splash isn’t something I would normally go for but I feel like it’s the perfect kind of sweet smell for summer…yes, I realize summer is nearly over but bare with me! 



What is your favorite product from Bath & BodyWorks?



45 thoughts on “Bath & BodyWorks Haul

  1. Ah Bea, after reading your post I now desperately want the hand soap. Eucalyptus and mint I absolutely adore these scents. I’ll search the internet and see if I can find it here in Switzerland. Thanks and have a nice sunday.

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      1. Hi Bea, I just received today the Eucalyptus Mint Hand Soaps. They are amazing. Thanks to you I’ve now another staple product. Have a nice day. Sonja

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      1. We went to one when I was in Chicago in 2012 to get some things for mum’s friend but I don’t remember properly looking in it, or even seeing much there! Maybe it’s changed since!

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  2. My favorite store!!! When they have their big sale here, I stock up for the year. I’m down to the last 2 counter soap bottles so it’s about that time for me too!

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  3. I haven’t been Webb to Bath and Body Works in a while, I think I need to make a stop there soon now! I LOVE the names of those sanitizers, so fun! And those body creams sound amazing, and love the look of the look of them! Thanks for sharing with us 😁

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  4. Ah, love Bath and Body Works! I also enjoy their hand santizers, lovely scents! Haven’t tried their body cream but sounds interesting, so def gonna try those soon. Great post and good products you got there. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  5. Oh my god, I ALWAYS make sure that I send my aunt a whole list of all the goodies I want from B&BW when she’s visiting us from the States, because I literally cannot live without those amazing scents. My favourite body mist is Endless Weekend and I hardly ever use anything else, and I also love Beautiful Day! Sorry I’m Latte sounds sooooo perfect for me tho 🙌🏻💜💜

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    1. I haven’t ever tried the ones that you’ve mentioned but I would highly recommend Warm Vanilla Sugar if you like warm yet kind of sweet scents, it’s one of my favorites!!! I wish you had a B&BW near you so that you wouldn’t have to wait for your aunt to visit you to smell all the goods! Thanks so much for dropping by, have a lovely day! x

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  6. I love bath & body works too! You should try winter candy apple for their hand sanitizer, it smells so good. Their foaming hand soaps are one of my favorites as well, I like the tangerine scent, and the vanilla snowflake scent too. My favorite product though would have to be their sprays, seaside pink jasmine and country apple are my favorites.

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    1. I LOVE their sprays too! My favorite spray is warm vanilla sugar, I have like 4 bottles in my room so I never have to worry about running out. As for the Winter Candy Apple, I had that in soap form one year around Christmas time, I loved it! Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving such a great comment! Have a great day!

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  7. I like the foam soaps as well. For 1 minute while washing my hands, I can pretend I am a doctor about to go perform a surgery. Kicking myself right now. Why didn’t I go to medical school?


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