Bailey Bryan Inspired

Ask me what my style is and I can honestly not answer. I’m a little of everything; I’m whatever it is I feel like wearing that day. I see people wearing certain looks that I didn’t think I’d normally like but I find myself going “Ohhhh, I like that, I’ll try that.” That’s what happened with this look. I give things a go. I experiment with outfits and sometimes they work, other times they don’t.

Today’s outfit was inspired by Bailey Bryan who is a young country singer originally from Sequim, WA but currently living in Tennessee. Bailey is a new artist who has already performed twice at the Grand Ole Opry. Actually, the very first time I heard of Bailey Bryan was in Nashville, Tennessee. It was August 11th, I was at the Grand Ole Opry and the second Bailey opened her mouth to sing her very first note, I got the chills. Her voice amazed me, her lyrics intrigued me. She was sweet, she was humble, she was funny; especially when she said she was going to sing a new song solo for the first time ever live and she didn’t know why she decided to be so brave but she was slightly regretting it but it was all she had planned so she was going to go for it; she amazed me.  I immediately began to fan girl over Bailey Bryan when I heard her powerful lyrics and her majestic voice. I literally looked at my boyfriend and showed him my goosebumps. I raved about her the rest of the trip…I kid you not, I would not shut up about how much I loved this girl. I bought her EP and listened to it on repeat and you should too because her lyrics are strong, powerful, relatable and her voice…oh, her voice, is just pure perfection.

Top: J. Crew

Plaid Shirt: Romeo & Juliet Couture

Jeans: Forever 21

Shoes: Forever 21

Sunglasses: Wet Seal

Earrings: T.J. Maxx

Photographer: Ciarra Lorren


Screen Shot 2017-09-02 at 11.26.17 AM.png
Photo Courtesy of Bailey Bryan’s Instagram; I do not own the rights to this image.

P.S. Bailey Bryan if you’re reading this, (which you probably never will) I cannot wait to hear more of you and your music. 




52 thoughts on “Bailey Bryan Inspired

  1. This matches my taste on most days lol all black, a little pop of color, boots. Comfy and chill look but still cute and fashionable👌🏽
    And those poses!😎✨

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      1. Tomorrow is a pretty important meeting I think. Have to get busy on more clearly defining my goals. Tend to be casting such broad nets so I need to sift through better for what I actually want.
        Last 5 years have seen a few of us tested and we have come through once again. The Scientist and The Bard each kicked some severe goals through the winter.

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  2. I am a big fan of plaid, especially black / red patterns. But I always feel like the Brawny guy and feel a strange need to get some paper towels.

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  3. wow! I must confess, i love your style of not having a particular style because i thought i was the only one living like that. i thought i was the only one who doesn’t dress for the sake of trendy but for the inspiration attached to a particular style. i honestly, love your style girl. You rock!!! Bravo!!! I’m so impressed and motivated to be proud of what i wear… Keep it up girl… and rock unstoppable ! Cheers!!!

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    1. You’ve put a huge smile on my face! Thank you so much for that amazing comment! I hope you keep on rockin’ whatever it is you feel like wearing because I’m sure you pull it off great and you look stunning! Keep doing you and have a wonderful day! x

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  4. Inspiring I must confess. The blend of colours on the outfit is profoundly straight to the point. Bailey must indeed be a hot one (lol).
    Keep inspiring dear.

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