August Favorites

I’ll be honest, I’m upset that August is over because this means that I start my internship which means summer is over which means…STRESS.

Any who, August is over and therefore I must share my monthly favorites because…well I do it every other month so why would I skip this one?! Hope you enjoy my favorites and please make sure to share your favorites with me in the comment section below!

Love Island

Binge watching Love Island like it’s my job! I never knew Love Island existed up until Zoe Sugg kept constantly mentioning her love for it on Twitter. I thought I would check what all the hype was about and I became instantly hooked…of course, only up until my Amazon FireStick broke…so sad to see it go. I have yet to buy another FireStick so for now I’m left without one and without Love Island. On the bright side, I did finish a whole season of Love Island before the Amazon FireStick broke, so that’s a plus!


I was in ShopRite one day just cruising through the protein aisle when I noticed Graze snack packs. I knew of Graze before but I had no idea they sold in stores since I’ve only seen commercials for the monthly subscription. I thought to myself, for 7 grams of protein, why not pick up the snack and give it a go! I decided to try the Graze Salted Caramel Chocolate which contains baked salted peanuts, pumpkin seeds, amaretti drops and Belgian salted caramel chocolate buttons. I LOVE IT!!! I’ve eaten far too many packets of it already and I am totally obsessed!!


This month my boyfriend and I have been fortunate enough to travel to not only one but two places; those two places being Ontario, Canada and Nashville, Tennessee! If you haven’t already noticed I have been slowly but surely posting about my travels in both places but I have so much to share that this may go into the month of September…perhaps even October!


Holy moly, did I write this month! I told you I was going to…I made it my goal to post more this month than I have any other month and I sure have been keeping up with that! In case you missed it, I have posted every single day…19 of those days had TWO posts in one day! I went in this month…I hope you enjoyed and if you did, that makes me very happy and if you missed my posts, go back and check them out!



23 thoughts on “August Favorites

    1. We don’t have Love Island here in America but I have the Firestick and I can stream it, I’m obsessed with it! It’s so crazy and odd concept, and I could never do it myself but it’s interesting to watch others do it! x

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