Monday Motivation 053

We are leaning towards the end of the summer but that doesn’t mean we are going to give up on our body’s and stop working out, in fact that just means we are going to push even harder for a better us!

Motivational Quote:

“Live and enjoy a healthy life.”

Monday August 28, 2017

Looking Ahead:

Tuesday August 29, 2017

Wednesday August 30, 2017

Thursday August 31, 2017

Friday September 1, 2017

Saturday September 2, 2017

Sunday September 3, 2017

  • Rest it up.

Tips & Tricks:

  • I will be the first to say that although I’ve done all of these workouts, I don’t JUST do these workouts in a day, I usually make them longer by repeating them or combining them with other videos.
  • Repeat videos as needed.
  • Water is your best friend.
  • Stretching is important and that is why I’ve included some yoga videos in this weeks workout.
  • Remember to stretch before and after a workout!



23 thoughts on “Monday Motivation 053

  1. Good on you Bea. Been busy writing elsewhere about meditation tonight. Hopefully all of humanity does more of it in this age


  2. You always post such great workouts! I have to admit I’m inconsistent often cuz I got so much other stuff I need to do and not enough time for everything lol. Also curious as to what you eat in a day? This plays a big part too. 😄

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    1. My oldest son just came back from Menla Mountain Retreat in Phoenicia, NY. (Level 1 training through the Baptiste Institute). They ate a vegan menu the whole week and he said he felt sooooo good! We haven’t given up meat, but we are loving all the vegetable dishes and fresh fruit he recommends. Our late summer garden is about to burst, can’t wait for all the fresh veggies!

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  3. I bike and do yoga…something every day. I’m not a fan of power yoga, slow flow is more my style, but if I need to get some cardio in that’ll do! Yes, stretching is important and water, water, water!

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  4. I need to keep working out. I took some days off because of the hurricane here and I can’t walk outside. I do not belong to a gym and can’t afford it. I COULD do some basics here in my house but hate being watched by my son and my friend staying with us. Maybe I just need motivation? Thanks for your suggestions always!

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