Watch Collection

Over the years I may or may not have, I definitely have, collected my fair share of watches. To me, a watch can really be the only accessory you need in an outfit. A watch is great for a casual look, a formal look or a professional look. Today I want to share with you my watch collection.

Jennifer Lopez


I didn’t actually purchase this watch myself, it was a christmas gift given to me this past christmas. I’ll be totally honest with you, I haven’t worn it yet and the reason being is that it’s too big for my super tiny wrists; I know that with these type of watches you can take out the links however I haven’t gotten around to that nor do I actually know how to do it! This watch is a rose gold with crystals going around the clock, calendar and down part of the band. If you’re interested in this watch, I actually found it online here.

Late Anyways


Let met start off with saying that I’m actually nearly never late, if anything I’m usually early however I just really liked this watch and thought it was a good laugh. This is a black banded watch with a light gold face that has the numbers all over the place and says “who cares, I’m late anyways” on it. In case you’re wondering, yes, I still can tell the time on this despite not having numbers on it, I get this question a lot. I’m not entirely sure where I purchased this watch something tells me Amazon but at the same time I feel like I got it at Forever 21. I did find a couple of similar watches on Amazon if you are interested however I didn’t seem to come across the same exact one.



The second I saw this watch I knew that I needed it! I’m obsessed with the cream band, the silver metal face and the bicycle on the face! I purchased this watch on Forever 21 however they no longer have it; I did find a similar watch on Amazon but it’s in black and I’m not sure on how good the quality is for how cheap the price of it is.



This may have been one of the first watches I purchased. I remember purchasing this watch around christmas time when Burlington had a ton of gift watch sets. I was drawn to this watch because it comes with many different bands so it looks like you always have a new watch but it’s really the same one! The face of the watch has crystals around it and the band comes in black, blue, brown, purple, gray, white and cream. In the photo you can barely see the white one. 

Ellen Tracey


This may be my very favorite and most used watch; I love how elegant this watch is. This Ellen Tracey piece is rose gold with a skinny thin band, around the face of the watch there is a white boarder.




60 thoughts on “Watch Collection

  1. Love them all! I’m super obsessed with watches and I find them so beautiful, but never wear them. I just can’t stand having something on my arms/hands, and yeah, I’m a bit messed up 😀

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    1. I’m going to let you in on a little secret…some of those watches have dead batteries but because I too always use my phone I don’t even bother to get batteries for it! Haha, thanks for dropping by! x

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